Internet Marketing

Everyone can benefit from an Intelligent Internet Marketing Campaign.

The rise of internet marketing has leveled the playing field. Now, every smart business, regardless of size, has the means to place their brand and services right into the pulse of the world.

Our web integrated internet marketing solutions allow us the powerful ability to target customers based on their past activities, current thoughts and even their hobbies and interests.

  • branding and marketing solutions

    Your One Stop Shop: ACS, Inc. Launches Integrated Marketing Solution for Health Direct

    A core component of branding is cohesion. Clear, consistent visual and written messaging are essential to making a memorable impression on potential clients or customers. Cohesive branding requires unified marketing efforts…

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  • youtube advertising with google

    ACS, Inc. Participates in Google Partners Webinar On YouTube Advertising

    On March 25, ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO participated in a Google Partners-sponsored webinar about the effectiveness of YouTube advertising. The webinar included insights from industry experts Suzie Reider (Managing Director for Brand Solutions) and Mark McMaster (Global Product Lead for YouTube Advertising).…

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  • older adult typing on keyboard

    6 in 10 Seniors Go Online. Here's How to Reach the Rest

    The internet has changed the world many of us once knew. It is rare to have a phonebook at your house, it is rare to go to a movie rental store, and it’s rare to mail your bills in. The internet has changed our human patterns to make things more convenient in our hectic lives.  But, it has not changed everyone; today, 41% of seniors still do not use the internet. 41% of these seniors say they are not using the internet because of three main issues. The first being that they have physical cha…

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    How Online Marketing Can Spark Offline Business Success

    Android or Apple? Verizon or Sprint? There are many different phone options that it is sometimes hard to keep up! How did you end up with your phone that is sitting next to you? Perhaps you searched for it on Google, but what happens after that is something most people don’t give a second thought about. Today, there is a constant online competition going on to see what company can be at the top of Google when someone types in non-brand words like “smart phone”, “new phone”, or “mobile phone.…

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  • retargeting campaigns with google

    How to Create a Remarketing Campaign in Google AdWords

    There’s a new way to set up remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords. Any new remarketing or display advertising campaigns will  follow this process. Remarketing (also known as “retargeting”) is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. However, before your business can benefit from remarketing, you’ll need to start your remarketing campaign. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords. Step 1) If you already have an account for your cam…

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