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First comes the eye roll. Then, doubt creeps. In seconds, what started as mutual interest turns to rejection. There are few bigger turn offs on the web than incorrect grammar or spelling, and your professional website could be losing money because of it. Professionally developed content is a must to avoid losing legitimacy and potential clients or customers.

Information Is Important

Web users and search engines alike value in depth, quality, and informative content. Most online purchases aren’t on a whim, and this is especially true for professional websites. When people make purchasing decisions on the web, whether they’re choosing a pair of shoes or an attorney, they’ll search around to make an informed choice. Providing informative content on your site makes the purchasing decision easier.

copywriting company image of content writer mapping out notes and thoughtsAlthough you probably have enough knowledge to write informatively on your products and services, there’s still several obstacles that make professionally developed content your best option. Communicating the details and benefits of your products and services in a user-friendly way is a challenge for people who aren’t professional writers. For example, your law firm’s web pages may seem readable to you, but the pages may be confusing and jargon-heavy to someone who has little to no legal expertise.

Perfection Required

Even if your content is informative and easy to understand, unless your spelling and grammar are perfect then you shouldn’t write your own content. This is a harder task than it may seem. Microsoft Word won’t recognize typos or incorrect word usage if the word you did type is also a word, and the program’s grammar check accuracy ranges from sometimes helpful to embarrassingly wrong. Typos happen to everyone, but professional writers have the attention to detail to catch mistakes before posting. If you ever doubt which “it’s/its,” “your/you’re,” or “their/there/they’re” to use, then you absolutely need professionally developed content. Spelling and grammar mistakes make your business look unprofessional and incompetent, and will make people leave your site fast.

Get Noticed on Google

Google and other major search engines value good, error-free content. ACS has on-staff professional content writers who not only know how to write right and well, but also are trained and knowledgeable on search engine optimization (SEO). These trade secrets are exclusive to professionally developed content, and can increase your profits and online visibility.

Getting noticed on a search engine is crucial for successful businesses, and makes the difference between people choosing you or your competitors. For example, 92 percent of all traffic on Google search goes to 1st page results, according to a June 20, 2013 Search Engine Watch report. This means you’re statistically more likely to be chosen over a competitor if you rank higher on search. Ranking well on Google, Bing or Yahoo is almost impossible without good, professional-grade content.

Originality Matters

content writing services image of copy writer thinking about original content to write for the websiteSome think instead of paying to hire content writers that it’d be easier to copy good content from other sites. This is a counterproductive waste of time and resources that does more harm than good. In some cases, duplicate content has legal consequences. Also, search engines penalize duplicate content, bumping sites with duplicate content to lower rankings and irrelevancy. ACS never uses duplicate content, and can transform your content from unoriginal to unique and persuasive

Achieve Your Full Potential

ACS strives for engaging, original, error-free content creation. Contact us today to start benefiting from professionally developed content that will empower you to use the web to its full potential.

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