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  • SEO Case Study: How Our Client Dominated for Industry Keywords

    SEO Case Study: How Our Client Dominated for Industry Keywords

    Our SEO efforts resulted in our client achieving 38 #1 positions on Google for taxi-related keywords.…

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  • small business crm solutions

    CRM: Should I switch Over?

    A new Customer Relationship Management system? But I’m just a Small Business There are few times in life where certain life changing things happened too fast: switching tapes to CD’s, graduating school, and your little brother getting married. Truth is, there are certain leaps in life where it always seems daunting and unexpected. But oftentimes when those things happen, there are few regrets and people wonder why they did not do this before. Comparing huge life events to switching over to a …

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  • Why Medical SEO Matters

    Why Medical Search Engine Optimization Matters Out with the old, in with the new! Attention medical professionals, your online presence is more important than ever! The days of the “face to face” marketing approach to promote your business to potential customers is dying rapidly at the hands of digital marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) analysts. Research shows, it is roughly 80% more likely for users to do the necessary online study of their concern, before making a particular …

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  • 5 SEO Keys for Doctors

    5 Keys to Achieve SEO Success for Doctors In today’s highly competitive medical field, Doctors are having a much harder time standing out from their competition. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the secret sauce behind the success of your competitor’s visibility! I am sure you are wondering what the recipe to that secret sauce is. With these 5 simple keys, we will be more than capable of whipping up a fresh batch for your website! Learn More 1. Medical Specific Keywords: Deciding your…

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  • Rank Higher in Google by Using an Expert Copywriter

    Who Ya Gonna Call? Nearly every problem starts with the same question. "Who ya gonna call?" Whether someone needs to bust ghosts, save for retirement or find a place to eat, people need a service provider or product that can fulfill their needs. But Where Do They Start? Back in the day when you needed to get something done, you probably looked through the phone book or asked for a recommendation from someone you knew. But today, with so many options to choose from, most people are aski…

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