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    Is my Website ADA Compliant?

    What is ADA Compliance? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of America's most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation. Most people are familiar with the physical accommodations businesses make, such as automatic door openers and wheelchair ramps. But what a lot of people don’t know is that ADA applies to the Internet as well. Under the law, websites should be just as accessible as ATMs, elevators, terminals and other user interfaces. Failing ADA compliance creates poor …

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  • thumb free website builder alternatives from acs inc web design and seo

    Free Website Builder: 5 Things to Consider

    With a free website builder or a low cost website builder, more often than not, what you get is disappointing results and next to no visibility online.…

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  • behavioral targeting blog listing image from acs inc web design and seo

    Behavioral Targeting

    Before anyone buys something, there's a thought process that leads them to their buying decision.…

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  • How to grow your client base with the Internet

    Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors: A General Overview

    Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisers People turn to the Internet for advice on everything, from dog training tips to personal finance. With access to unlimited information at their fingertips, people have become accustomed to finding instant answers. The challenge for businesses is to two-fold, to make sure people can find your business and to make sure your business can fulfill their needs efficiently. This requires a solid marketing strategy that delivers the right message to the r…

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  • eCommerce Website Design in New York | ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO

    Where Are You?

    There's anywhere from 12 million to 24 million online stores across the web, according to industry analysis. With so much competition, the big question is "How do you stand out?" Discover How We Can Help If you're looking to sell online, any cookie cutter, standardized eCommerce solution just isn't good enough to drive sales. That's partly because millions of people think they can sell online, throw up a quick online store using some pre-packaged website builder and expect their sales to ro…

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