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  • Marketing Automation

    Is Marketing Automation Right for your Business?

    Marketing Automation. For some, this is the holy grail of marketing, a way to let a program do all the tedious tasks that clutter a person’s day. Marketing automation can provide powerful, personalized marketing like, freeing up employee time for higher priority tasks.  For others, marketing automation is just something that doesn’t justify the significant investment of time and money. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation was created to nurture prospects and conver…

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  • Medical Responsive Web Design

    Who Do You Do It For? Everybody has problems. Today, almost any problem, from hunger to hypertension, can be solved by service providers. The facts prove that more and more people are using the web to find their problem solvers. 81% of consumers do online research before making a purchasing decision (Ad Week). 77% of patients used search engines prior to booking an appointment (Google). 52% of patients use health information sites for research (Google). With such a selection of options m…

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  • Responsive Website Design for Medical Industry

    The Responsive Revolution: AMP of NY Gets Mobile-Friendly Redesign In 2017, if your website isn't optimized to look and function flawlessly on all devices, your organization's at a competitive disadvantage. The evidence is clear--sites that are just as easy to use on smart phones, tablets and smart watches as they are to use on desktops or laptops are more likely to prevent lost leads. A study by Google found that 61% of people are unlikely to return to a site that they had trouble accessing…

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  • Responsive Website Design for Healthcare Industry

    Are You Making a Good First Impression?New CNYCC Site Highlights The Value of A Strong Online Presence Every day without a good online presence impairs your organization’s ability to compete. First impressions are important, and your website is often someone’s first impression of your organization. Recognizing these realities, The Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) hired ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO to create a temporary website to immediately compete. Contact Now For An Evaluatio…

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  • New Shopify Shipping Plans

    It's Finally Here! Shopify is providing Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) for an additional $20/mo OR sign up for annual billing and get it for free (+ additional 10% off)! What Does This Mean? It means if you are on the Basic Plan ($29/mo) you can pay $49/mo instead to be able to charge customers shipping rates you set up in your USPS, UPS, or FedEx account. Gone are the days you need the Shopify Advanced plan ($179/mo or higher) for this functionality! The Shipping Struggle I know for…

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