SEO Case Study: How Our Client Dominated for Industry Keywords

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Some things just can't wait.

When people are searching for certain services and there's an immediate need, being someone's first choice is ideal. 

For our local taxi company client, that's certainly the case. If someone's searching for a taxi, they're more than likely looking for a ride right when they're searching. 

Our SEO efforts have resulted in our client achieving 38 #1 positions on Google for taxi-related keywords. 

But how did we make it happen?

SEO Research and Analysis

Our client's dominance for local taxi keywords on Google didn't just happen from stuffing some keywords on a page. First, we evaluated where our client was positioned on search engines prior to our SEO efforts. This was essential for setting priorities, keyword goals and competitive analysis.

seo case study benchmark from acs inc web design and seo


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The above is an excerpt from the first keyword ranking report we produced for our client prior to our SEO efforts beginning. Prior to our SEO efforts, our client didn't hold any 1st page or 1st place positions on Google for relevant keywords. 

The "Keyword" column shows the keywords that our client held positioning for (to protect confidential business information and strategies, we've blacked out the city in which these rankings were held).

The "Searches" column shows the average number of times that a specific keyword is searched per month on average. Knowing this information can be important for setting keyword goals, as keywords that are searched more often have a larger pool of potentials. 

The "Your Site" column shows where our client was positioned on search engines for a specific keyword. Any positions 1-10 would be 1st page positioning on Google, with positions 11-21 being 2nd page positioning, positions 22-32 being 3rd page positioning, and so on. 

94% of all clicks on search engine results go to the 1st page positions, according to an industry study.  

Additionally, 1/3rd of all clicks on search engine results go to the #1 position.

With nearly all clicks on search engine results going to the 1st page or 1st place results, our taxi client was invisible online prior to our SEO efforts. This is especially true for this type of business, where there is an immediate need for services. 

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Once we understood our client's positioning on search engines for relevant keywords, we identified keyword goal priorities. We used these priorities to then determine off page SEO and on page SEO strategies to achieve 1st page and 1st place positioning for these keywords. 

Off Page and On Page SEO Efforts

seo case study off page seo from acs inc web design and seoOff page SEO efforts refer to behind-the-scenes changes to a web page's code and online references for the purpose of achieving high positioning on search engines for relevant keywords. 

Examples of our Off Page SEO efforts for our taxi company client included, but were not limited to:

  • Keyword focused ALT tag optimizations
  • Keyword focused meta data optimizations
  • Image file name optimizations
  • Organically increasing online references to our client's website
  • and more

In order for our SEO efforts to be effective, these Off Page SEO efforts needed to be paired with On Page SEO efforts. On Page SEO efforts often refer to content changes and updates to the front-end of a website. These On Page SEO efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyword focused headings and optimizations
  • Keyword focused content creation by our professional SEO copywriters
  • and more

SEO Case Study Results: We're #1

Through continuous SEO efforts, our SEO professionals achieved 38 #1 positions on Google for taxi-related keywords. With our client holding so many #1 positions for such a variety of keywords, people who search for almost any imaginable variant of taxi service will immediately find our client as their first choice when searching in our client's service region.

A keyword level breakdown of these #1 positions on Google can be seen below. To protect the confidentiality of our client, we've removed region-specific references in this keyword list. 

seo case study number 1 positions from acs inc

seo case study number 1 results second source from acs inc

When Potentials Are Searching for You, Be Their First Choice 

Your business may be the perfect match for someone who is searching for the products or services you provide. But without an SEO strategy, how will someone ever know to choose you?

For years, the SEO professionals at ACS, Inc. have helped clients achieve #1 positions on search engines for keywords that are most likely to be searched by potentials.  

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