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Why Should Your Business Use Social Media?

71% of users access social media from a mobile device.

74% of all marketers say Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies.

43% of all marketers have acquired a customer through LinkedIn.

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Social Media Management by Syracuse Website Design Firm, ACS

Spread The Word

Increase Brand Awareness and Buzz about your business.

Drive Sales and Memberships

Social Media Marketing Drive Sales and Memberships from ACS Web Design and SEO near Syracuse NY

Help your satisfied customers share their experience with their personal networks.

Interactive Customer Service

Social Media allows you to easily interact with your customers and ensure that their experience with you is the best one possible.

Show Some Character

Show why your business is special and worthy of your customers engagement and interest.

Increase Online Visibility

Social Media Marketing Increase Online Visibility from ACS Web Design and SEO near Syracuse NY

Maintaining a well-developed and active social media presence leads to increased search visibility and showcases that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business.


ACS Social Media Strategies

Social Media Branding and Design

Each social networking site comes with its own unique design considerations and optimizations to get the most out of your presence.

Our team will create a unified aesthetic across your channels and modify and optimize our work to fully take advantage of the opportunities that each network provides for branding and presentation.

We will ensure that no matter how your potential visitors discover your business that their first impression is professional and conveys the message you intend.

Trust ACS for Social Media Marketing That Maximizes Your Online Visibility

ACS can establish a brand consistent online presence that's made to attract people that are most likely to buy what you're selling. This includes, but is not limited to:

Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Social Media Strategy and Marketing from ACS Web Design and SEO near Syracuse NY

Social Media sites each have their own challenges. Social media users have different expectations and requirements from each network.

Your social marketing strategies should not be one-size-fits-all.

Our team will work with you to create a strategy for the appropriate networks that appeal to audiences of each social networking service and your target markets. Our plans are flexible enough to allow for all levels of involvement from your business.

We can consult and create a custom strategy plan for your business to enact and follow or take the reins and manage your social media promotions directly.

Each industry is unique and each social network is best targeted in different manners. Allow our team to help unlock the power of social media for you.

Social Media Integration and Optimization

Your website and marketing materials should be integrated with the world’s leading social networks. Based on the nature of your business and target markets we can utilize and integrate technologies into your websites that will influence how your site is found, how it appears when shared and improves the ease of sharing for your visitors.

We have developer and business relationships with each service that allows us to expand your social media options in ways you may never have imagined

Tracking and Engagement

Social Media Marketing Tracking and Engagement from ACS Web Design and SEO near Syracuse NY

Social Media Marketing allows for an unprecedented level of performance tracking. Unlike traditional display or print marketing, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing in particular allows for precision evaluation of effectiveness and return on investment

From evaluating engagement levels at each network to referral and lead tracking at your website, social media interactions can be seen and acted upon in near real time.

Our specialized tracking and reporting methodologies are used to ensure that our efforts in social return rewards and lead to stronger brand awareness, happier customers and more leads.

Consult with our Social Media Experts

Start a conversation today and see how our team can help your business increase by utilizing social media marketing campaigns to connect you with your customers.

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