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Being seen isn't the same as being remembered. Identity design is more than just colors and fonts; it is your opportunity to sculpt a first impression regardless of where it occurs.

Branding and Identity Logo design ServicesLogo Design

Creating a memorable logo that communicates as gracefully in real world printed items as it does in a website banner requires forethought. Our designers can make sure that the design your prospect holds in their hand as they type your website URL into their browser looks as good on the screen as it does in print. Designing a strong logo is a sophisticated art. Your logo has to speak for you and represent you in our multi-media world. Let us craft your first impression the right way.

ACS Branding and Identity- Print Business Card DesignPrint Design

Print media remains an impressive communication tool. Nothing beats the satisfaction of feeling a freshly printed business card in hand or the positive impression made by handing out a full-color brochure at your next big convention. Whether crafting a brand new business identity or integrating a new campaign into your marketing strategy, ACS will treat your project and your brand with the respect it deserves.

Website Branding Services

A great brand identity will cross cultures, regions and media. When new prospects visit your website they will immediately be comfortable and secure that they have reached their intended destination. Our attention to detail will ensure that your brand is well represented no matter how your clients and customers find you. You know you are a unique business with strong expectations and a voice, we make sure your customers know this too.

ACS Business Identity and Branding Social MediaSocial Media Branding

Having a presence across Twitter and Facebook has become a given for any modern company. But the recent explosive growth and importance of Google+ and Instagram has made both a required presence for brands with related services. Next year…who knows what will spring up! With each service comes different requirements and opportunities for personalizing the space to match your brand. Minimum and maximum resolution options, format restrictions and aspect ratios are all factors our designers can balance, both in regards to your logo and branding decisions and in how each opportunity is best utilized.

Digital Advertising

The trackable nature of digital advertising and the ability to fine tune targeted advertising has quickly led to its dominance as the best use of an advertising dollar. Advertising media offers a great variety of sizes for showcasing your brand and message. Don't allow this opportunity to be diluted by being stuck to branding or a logo design that doesn't evolve easily for all the opportunities that await you.

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Why is Branding Important?

We know that your logo and identity needs to stay "adaptable" for the future and consider the big picture when making these important choices. Most importantly, we know that no matter where it is seen it has to be the best it can be.

A company with an expansive presence will quickly find that their logo and branding needs to be ever adapting to new formats and presentation styles. Gone are the days where a logo can be thrown together and stuck to a business card--where company letterhead can be forgotten about. The nuance and adaptive nature of logo and branding need to be ever present in the identity design process.