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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it; if you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

-Warren Buffet

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  • The practice of molding potential customer's perception of your business. This is done by influencing your online information, such as reviews,social media, and mentions in the news.
  • Promoting the visibility of positive mentions, while decreasing the visibility of negative mentions.
  • Monitoring and interacting with online reviews.
  • Monitoring and interacting with conversation on social media platforms.
  • Being active in responding to current customer's inquiries, so future customers see you are responsive and helpful in your services.

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Why Reputation Management?

In today's world of buying, it is all crucial to gain consumers' trust. Due to not believing in the concept of Online Reputation Management, businesses are losing these potential consumers at a rapid pace! It is important to understand that a single bad mouthing review about your business can have the backlash of losing dozens of consumers. With social media being arguably the most influential market today, small businesses must protect their reputation more than ever.

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Your Brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.

-Jeff Bezos

ACS Online Reputation Management Programs

Review Monitoring – Basic

Google reviewsGoogle. Facebook. Yelp. There’s no shortage of places where consumers can leave you feedback, and with multiple locations listed across hundreds of sites, simply staying on top of it all can seem insurmountable. ACS will set up a system to track and alert you to the  latest reviews posted about your business across our vast network of partner sites.

Reputation Management

In addition to review monitoring, our reputation management services add additional custom services to your project. This allows ACS to create systems for encouraging additional reviews via online forms, email follow-ups and customizable additions to your website. This is a more proactive service for inspiring good buzz about your business and includes manual work to suppress negative PR and promote positive PR.

Local Reputation Boost

Want to do more of it yourself? Our Local Reputation Boost Product is designed to give you the controls of your own reputation. ACS will work with you and develop a platform and training to control your own reputation.Google review examples

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