Website Support Questions

Yes you can!  you can search available domain names and purchase them at our Domain Name Shop.

There are many reasons why a website may not be visible to you although your clients and website visitors can still visit the site.

It is best to rule out problems with your internet connection, hardware, internal network settings, wireless signal and related concerns with your browsers and even internal DNS before being concerned.

Between our server maintenance systems, website uptime scanners and advanced analytics triggers, it is very uncommon for any ACS website to be down for any reason. 

Visit this site "Is It Down For Everyone Or Just Me" and enter your website domain to get a real-time report about your website.

We build responsive, multi-device compatible websites that are created and tested to work across all screen sizes. Our designs and architecture are shaped to work and provide the appropriate information for the different experience each user needs based on the device they are using.

ACS Web Design & SEO has 21+ years of experience providing businesses with the best solutions to utilize the web to its full potential. Our passion, attention to detail, and commitment to quality products have proven to create a long client list of happy clients who continue to partner with us as their own businesses grow and expand.

Below are some actual comments from our existing customer when we asked why they chose ACS over our competitors:

  • ACS has created over 300 websites (experience in specific website design)
  • They have a team of knowledgeable staff that each specializes in specific areas (SEO, SEM, Graphics, Content, Analytics, navigation, site mapping)
  • They’ve created more websites in our industry
  • They have great ratings and reviews on recent projects of theirs (all 5 stars too)
  • I like the pages they design (graphics, functionality, responsiveness, and load time)
  • They are a Google Preferred vendor
  • Just felt like it was the best fit for a Digital Marketing Partner
  • They mentioned SEM and having your site set up for it (discussed Retargeting – no one else did)
  • SEO is managed ongoing with them
  • Providing onsite training and a custom manual for our site
  • Geo-mapping is a specialty of theirs (which will help with setting up all our locations on maps and finding us)
  • Your quote or proposal was very in-depth

Let us start proving you made the correct decision to work with ACS by completing our Request a Quote form today!

Our office is just outside of Syracuse, NY at 7453 Morgan Road, Liverpool, NY 13090.

Read more about our location and get directions here.

We have multiple tiers of plans to help you with your social media promotion. From simple one-time social media profile builds and integrations to ongoing consultation and monitoring to create the best strategy for your business to complete Internet marketing packages that combine all your social media channels under one cohesive strategy. Ask an ACS staff member to schedule you for an evaluation.

ACS can troubleshoot your existing email providers, fix common SPAM and configuration errors and provide you top tier professional email setup and hosting which includes mobile device integration

Yes. ACS can develop logos and branding materials for your business and unlike most vendors, can create a logo that will work on and off the web. Your logo will be equally suited on corporate letterhead and social media profiles. Logo Design is not part of a website build, unless explicitly stated, a Logo Design project must be evaluated and quoted outside of a website build. We are happy to improve and work with existing logos during the web design build to make images more web friendly, but a more complete treatment is necessary if you are planning on changing your mark or branding materials significantly.

Our design and marketing team is skilled in both web and print design and can create cohesive branding materials and informative brochures for your individual services. Some recent integrated marketing materials have included trade show communications, elevator wraps for Destiny USA and corporate Brand Guidelines. Ask an ACS staff member for an evaluation.

This will vary depending on what was agreed upon in our initial agreement and kick-off phase. Some clients provide all content, requiring only that ACS Web Design & SEO be responsible for populating and formatting content. Others have elected to have our professional content developers and SEO professionals create compelling content that actually converts. At any point in your project prior to Launch, you may contract with our professional content marketing staff to assist and consult with your content development process. This can be as simple as consultation and discovery into strategies to discover content and how to present your content to best achieve your site goals or can be as exhaustive as a complete SEO and marketing redevelopment of your copy by our experienced professionals. Remember, Content is King. 

Yes. The ACS Web Design and SEO team includes experienced SEO copywriters who have a record of results with achieving 1st place and 1st page positions on search engines for our clients’ keyword goals. Through our own research and an initial consultation with your team, ACS copywriters create website content that is consistent with client branding, products/services and unique goals.

All ACS marketing clients receive custom monthly reporting, including availability for reporting consultation meetings to explain your reporting results, answer any questions you may have and discuss strategies. ACS specializes in performance based internet marketing with advanced lead tracking. While other marketing mediums provide ballpark figures for how many people may see your ad, ACS digital marketing services includes performance tracking and reporting that highlights hard numbers on:

  • how many goals can be attributed to ACS marketing,
  • traffic from ACS marketing,
  • growth metrics, such as month-to-month, year-to-year and quarter-to-quarter comparisons of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In brief, you know ACS marketing is working because we provide data that summarizes growth.

Yes. ACS specializes in ADA website compliance. In order to make a website ADA compliant, the website must be designed and developed in a way that accommodates accessibility features. ADA website compliance requires an organization's website to be just as easy to use for individuals with disabilities as it is for those without disabilities. In addition to creating custom, ADA compliant website designs, ACS provides clients with documentation that can be provided to regulators as proof of due diligence.