Internet Marketing

Everyone can benefit from an Intelligent Internet Marketing Campaign.

The rise of internet marketing has leveled the playing field. Now, every smart business, regardless of size, has the means to place their brand and services right into the pulse of the world.

Our web integrated internet marketing solutions allow us the powerful ability to target customers based on their past activities, current thoughts and even their hobbies and interests.

  • internet marketing and adwords

    Internet Marketing Google Adwords

    This year, Google has rolled out the ability to link your product feed to your Adwords account.  This means that when your ad appears your product image can also show. The product listing in Google is free and displays in the shopping section of Google search. By linking your pay per click account to this listing, searchers get more information about your items at a glance.  This can mean more conversions and higher revenue for you. Contact Us to learn more about getting your products listed o…

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  • google caffeine update

    Caffeine – Google Update

    This week when someone mentions caffeine they’re not talking about the amount of coffee they’ve had today. Google’s Matt Cutts has been keeping us abreast of the latest Google update.  Caffeine, which went live with one data center this week, is an overhaul of the infrastructure.  The rollout is only one center until after the holidays so webmasters won’t pull out the pitch forks.  This is a major update to the background workings of Google search. The aim is to index more sites faster while aff…

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  • twitter logo

    Twitter ‘Denial-Of-Service’ Attack

    Oh no! Twitter is Down! My first thought was that our networking guys had blocked my computer, not that they would do this on purpose. Although they routinely tell clients to block social sites to save time, money and headaches associated with a social networking workforce. They know the work we do so I decided to look for another answer. It was already news. Twitter was hit with a ‘Denial-of-service’ Attack. “Denial-of-service attacks are a common weapon employed by cyber criminals to disrup…

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  • google ads and videos

    Google Offers In Video Ads

    Google AdWords/AdSense is offering in video ads. Text and image ads show in the video player or on the bottom 20% of the video. We’re all familiar with this concept. Watch the USA channel and you see “Monk” straightening the logo as “House” is explaining why everyone else is an idiot. BMW’s Logo flashes across the bottom of the movie your husband saw in the guide before you could scroll down; And unless the Ad is right on top of the subtitles of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” we don’t even not…

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