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Everyone can benefit from an Intelligent Internet Marketing Campaign.

The rise of internet marketing has leveled the playing field. Now, every smart business, regardless of size, has the means to place their brand and services right into the pulse of the world.

Our web integrated internet marketing solutions allow us the powerful ability to target customers based on their past activities, current thoughts and even their hobbies and interests.

  • celebrity ice bucket

    32 Must-See Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

    ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE BY CELEBRITY The ALS Ice Bucket challenge, which raises awareness and funds for ALS research, has gone viral. Coinciding with its popularity are celebrity attempts at the ice bucket challenge. Considering ACS, Inc.'s recent post about the Ice Bucket Challenge's effectiveness as an internet marketing campaign, it's only right to show the best celebrity ice bucket challenge videos. 32. Kristen Stewart and Some Celebrities I Don't Know Do Ice Bucket Challenge This kinda …

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  • ALS ice bucket challenge and Internet Marketing

    How Internet Marketing Can Make Millions: The Ice Bucket Challenge

    There are two kinds of people on social media: one kind is skeptical, acting as slacktivism whistleblowers, and the other dumps buckets full of ice water on themselves. No matter which side you agree with, the ice bucket challenge is an undeniable testament to how effective internet marketing can be.…

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  • get a good domain name for SEO

    Are you utilizing domain names to their full potential?

    What is a domain name? A domain name is like your telephone number with the exception of typing in your web browser to get to your website as opposed to typing information on your phone.  A domain can be alphanumeric while also including special characters such as dashes "-" and periods ".". There can be only 1 domain name which allows reward to those who discover the most effective. Below are some key points to keep in mind when looking for domains: You can have more than 1 domain point to…

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  • adobe flash and seo

    Flash SEO

    Ranking Flash is something I've banged my head against since I started. Flash is great for design! It's pretty and can do almost anything. But, a website designed all in flash doesn't exist. Flash Web Design When a website is built completely in Flash—pages, links and navigation—most 'crawlers' can't see it. You have a beautiful design, but your content is invisible. And in the world of search, content is paramount. If you build Flash into a website, you get the bells and whistles as well as …

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  • internet marketing can help your business

    Times are Tough and Money is Tight

    Even as we all take a break from our busy work week to follow the Syracuse Orange, it's still there in the back of the mind.  Syracuse's unemployment is still at record highs and the closings keep on coming.  Tops Market is closing another five stores—and that's just this week.  Businesses all over the Central New York area are watching the bottom line with a magnifying glass. Save Money with Internet Marketing One of the most effective ways to stretch that advertising dollar is internet marke…

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