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  • industrial website design

    From Dated to Dandy: Babbitt Bearings, Inc. New Website Wows

    A majority of consumers say their perception of a business as a whole is affected by a business’ website, according to a 2012 Google consumer survey. Outdated sites inadvertently hurt a business’ reputation and decreases the chances of making a sale. Knowing this, Babbitt Bearings, Inc., a global bearing manufacturer and distributor, hired ACS Web Design & SEO to improve their 16 year old website.…

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  • crouse medical practice new website

    Streamlined Site Surgery: Crouse Medical Practice Temp Site Launches

    83% of consumers think it’s highly important that a business has a website, according to industry research. The more time without a website, the more missed opportunities to attract new clients or customers and better serve current patients. Knowing this, Crouse Medical Practice, PLLC, chose ACS Web Design & SEO to create a temporary website.…

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  • medical web design, sos bones

    Attack of the Killer Fees: New SOS Site Prevents Regulation Sting

    A new year means new laws. With 2015 comes financial penalties for medical practices and hospitals who fail to have a regulation-compliant patient portal. To avoid these penalties and to better serve current and potential patients, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) hired ACS Web Design & SEO for a SOS site redesign.…

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  • insurance web design

    Service For Today: Ontario Insurance’s New Site Improves User- Friendliness

    Often, people visit a business’s site to learn more about the organization and/or its services or products or to find contact information. Ontario Insurance’s old site had a dated design that limited usability in non desktop environments and created difficulties in quickly finding information. With the launch of the new Ontario Insurance website, ACS Web Design & SEO has improved upon the old site’s successes and remedied its shortcomings.…

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  • older adult typing on keyboard

    6 in 10 Seniors Go Online. Here's How to Reach the Rest

    The internet has changed the world many of us once knew. It is rare to have a phonebook at your house, it is rare to go to a movie rental store, and it’s rare to mail your bills in. The internet has changed our human patterns to make things more convenient in our hectic lives.  But, it has not changed everyone; today, 41% of seniors still do not use the internet. 41% of these seniors say they are not using the internet because of three main issues. The first being that they have physical cha…

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