Digital Marketing Lexicon

  • sku

    Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

    A unique identifier given to individual products to track inventory and differentiate between items for sale. E.g. “Using Stock keeping units has helped our business keep track of what stock we have in what location, so we can optimize inventory management.” Learn More About Efficient Inventory Management & How Your Business Can Offer Secure Online Orders Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are an important part of inventory management. ACS Web Design and SEO is the leading provider of eCommerce …

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  • shopping-cart

    Shopping Cart

    The functionality of an online store that lets visitors add multiple products to a single order. E.g. “Having a shopping cart on your site is essential to allow users to browse and buy multiple items.”…

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  • ssl-certificate

    SSL Certificate

    An SSL certificate is a file that is installed on a web server to encrypt sensitive information that is being transmitted - for example credit card details entered on a website. It also assures customers that a site is using a trusted and secure connection. Retailers can purchase an SSL certificate through a certificate authority.…

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  • return-policy

    Return Policy

    A statement that explains when, how and under what conditions a customer may return products purchased from the retailer. E.g. “Our return policy, linked at the bottom of our website, explains that bespoke furniture cannot be refunded unless faulty.”…

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  • product-recommendation-engine

    Product Recommendation Engine

    Software that suggests specific products to customers on a website, based on available information. E.g. “The product recommendation engine on our bespoke furniture site suggests matching chairs for every table and desk.”…

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