Digital Marketing Lexicon

  • merchandising


    The placement and display of products to entice a customer to make a purchase. Examples include ‘featured item’ lists, specific product promotions, and recommendations of top sellers or related products.…

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  • Fulfillment

    The process of completing and delivering purchased products or services to the customer. E.g. “Every online seller has to consider the most cost-effective method for fulfillment.”…

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  • eCommerce Platform

    A software program or application that lets businesses sell online. Features of eCommerce platforms vary but they generally include product information, customer account management, shopping cart and checkout processes, product search capabilities and order management.…

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  • eCommerce

    The commercial trade of products and services over the internet.…

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  • Drop-ship

    A method of fulfilling orders where a retailer has items shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer.…

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