Digital Marketing Lexicon

  • product-feed

    Product Feed

    A file that contains a list of product inventory and product details. This file can be made available to other services in order to promote the products contained in the feed. E.g. “We uploaded our company’s product feed into a search engine’s merchant database so our products would show up when they match a search.”…

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  • privacy-policy

    Privacy Policy

    A statement that explains what customer information an online retailer will collect and how the retailer might use that information. E.g. “Our company’s privacy policy reassures customers that we only collect minimal information and we never sell email addresses to third parties.”…

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  • payment-gateway

    Payment Gateway

    A service provider that authorizes online payments. E.g. “Payment gateways allow customers to make purchases with bank or credit cards with the simple push of a button.”…

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  • order-confirmation

    Order Confirmation

    The final step of the checkout process, where a customer is informed that their order has been placed successfully. This message is usually delivered on screen and by email.…

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  • merchant-account

    Merchant Account

    An account a retailer holds with an institution such as a bank or payment gateway provider. The account is defined by a contractual agreement that allows the seller to accept credit cards or other common types of payment on an eCommerce website.…

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