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  • Google Partners Company in Syracuse, NY

    Advantages of Working with a "Google Partner" Company

    Having worked in the web design and digital marketing fields for close to 20 years, ACS, Inc Web Design & SEO always strives to stay on the forefront of the latest industry news and best practices. As a Google Partners company, we ensure all digital marketing team members are certified in their respective fields of search, mobile and display advertising.…

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  • facebook contests boost social engagement

    How A Successful Facebook Contest Can Help Your Business

    From October 15 until the end of November 3, ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO ran a Facebook contest for our client, Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop. The results were a successful Facebook contest that provided Fat Nancy's with…

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  • two women taking a selfie on their cell phone

    Website Design: The Selfie of Your Business

    Your website design does the same thing for your business as what a selfie does for a social media profile. But how is a teenager taking a picture in a mirror at all similar to your business?…

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  • patient portal medical web design

    What is a Patient Portal and How To Get Yours to Follow the Law

    Medical practices must comply with patient portal regulation requirements. Updated 2018If your medical practice's website doesn't have a compliant patient portal, you could face penalties for violating federal regulations. Why Would Your Medical Practice Be Penalized? A 2009 federal law offered incentives that encouraged medical practices to adopt electronic medical records. These incentives gave money to Medicare or Medicaid providers who made specific progress toward forming certified ele…

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  • audience network

    How Facebook's New Audience Network Can Help You

    New Facebook Audience Network is great for showing your ads to people who want what you offer. What if you could advertise only to people who’ve shown interest in what you’re offering? You’d have a greater return on investment (ROI) because your money is only being spent to tell people about your business who’ve already expressed interest in what you provide. This economically efficient, smart ad strategy is possible with the new, major changes to Facebook’s advertising capabilities. What’s …

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