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  • medical marketing medical seo syracuse ny

    The Value of SEO in the Medical Field

    How SEO can help with Medical Marketing? The Lasting Value of Search Engine Optimization in the Medical Field: SEO from ACS, Inc. As an ongoing part of our Internet Marketing services…

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  • bing and analytics

    Bing Search Update Affects 5 Million Sites

    Tech giant Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, has improved their spam filter, and your business may be affected. What’s New Bing’s spam filter change has targeted sites that keyword stuff their URL. Keyword stuffing URLs refers to when a site excessively repeats commonly searched words or phrases in the site link. URL, or uniform resource locator, refers to a website address, such as One Bing-provided example of URL keyword stuffing is: http://loan.payday.paydayloanspaydayl…

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  • apple watch and businesses

    How the New Apple Watch Could Help Your Business

    Sci-fi spy technology is here. On Sept. 9, Apple announced the release of the Apple Watch, functioning like a smartphone while providing the style and prestige of wearing cutting edge technology. The Apple Watch is expected to be available early 2015.…

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  • the internet and web neutrality

    Sept. 10 Protests and How Net Neutrality Threatens Businesses

    "Loading" Circles On Sept. 10, Internet giants Netflix, WordPress and Reddit, among others, prominently displayed dreaded “loading” circles, like the one pictured. The circles were a daunting reminder of what the Internet could be like without net neutrality. What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) shouldn’t play favorites, allowing access and unaltered speeds to all sites. For example, the internet without net neutrality would allow ISPs, lik…

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  • small businesses and SEO

    Google's Search Engine Update Affects Small Businesses

    On July 24, Google released Pigeon, which affects local search engine results. With 4 out of 5 consumers using local search, it’s near impossible to have success and ignore local search engine optimization (SEO). What is Google Pigeon? Pigeon is an update to the way Google determines what local businesses show up on the first page in search. Pigeon’s greatest impact has been on local packs and Google Carousel. What is a Google local pack? The local packs are a small list that’s produced …

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