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Huron Creek Acres

The Project:

Huron Creek Acres is an Alexandria, NY rental camp with hunting grounds and picturesque landscapes. Huron Creek Acres partnered with ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO to create a website for the rental camp. The website project’s goals included properly showcasing the rental property’s surrounding activities, rental policies and available reservations. In addition to providing information about the lodging and retreat property, the website aimed to allow for online booking as well as encouraging mailing list sign ups.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO designed, developed and launched the Huron Creek Acres website with a mobile-friendly design that properly showcases the camp’s beauty and activities on any device. The site features a photo gallery, providing visitors with a look inside their potential rental. The site is an informative resource for Huron Creek Acres’ surrounding activities and renting policies, and the intuitive site structure makes it easy for potential customers to find sought after information. Additionally, ACS Web Design & SEO successfully integrated a third-party booking calendar to allow for easy renting for both customers and Huron Creek Acres administrators. Utilizing our team’s knowledge of web behaviors and lead generation focused website design, the Huron Creek Acres site also includes prominent mailing list sign up forms.

Responsive Website Design

Over 40% of lodging reservations are made from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet, according to industry studies. This number is expected to continue to rise.

Because of this, hotels, camps and other lodging businesses that don’t have a mobile friendly website are at a competitive disadvantage. Users who interact with site’s that aren’t made for mobile may experience usability issues, which can quickly turn potential customers to lost leads.

The new Huron Creek Acres website, like all ACS website designs, is made with a responsive website design. This makes the site look and work equally well on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops.

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Temporary Landing Page Design

Huron Creek Acres is a new brand and business. Because of this, it was important for Huron Creek Acres to have an effective online presence immediately. While the Huron Creek Acres full website was in production, ACS launched a temporary landing page for Huron Creek Acres. This temporary landing page provided Huron Creek Acres with an impressive online presence as it prepared its camp to receive rental requests.

The temporary landing page featured a mailing list sign up form, providing interested potential customers with information on when the camp would be open for renting. In addition to providing effective lead capturing, the landing page provided ACS with insights on Huron Creek Acres potential customers. These insights informed the design and site structure of Huron Creek Acres full website.

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Branding & Logo Design Services

With Huron Creek Acres being a young brand and their website being the beginning of its online presence, Huron Creek Acres also partnered with ACS for logo design and branding services. Through collaboration with Huron Creek Acres and analysis of the company’s potential target markets, ACS provided Huron Creek Acres with unified branding and messaging.

These branding services included ACS designing the Huron Creek Acres logo. Our professional designers were able to create a logo for Huron Creek Acres that visually communicated the brand’s outdoor and recreation focus with a clean, professional aesthetic.

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Print Advertising

In addition to website design, logo design and branding, Huron Creek Acres partnered with ACS for Huron Creek Acres print advertising needs. Huron Creek Acres wanted postcards and business cards that provided cohesive branding and impactful messaging. ACS delivered with a professional quality design for postcards and business cards that combined essential information with a memorable aesthetic.

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