Retail Footwear Website Design

Brannock Device Co. (2015)

The Project:

Brannock Device Co. is a provider for foot measuring tools, supplying major retail footwear and shoe stores. The Brannock Device Co. site featured outdated online checkout security, leaving Brannock Device Co. and its clients potentially vulnerable to hacking. In addition to a need for updated secure eCommerce features, Brannock Device Co. needed a more modern design to improve aesthetics, user-friendliness and to accommodate the growing number of people who shop online through mobile devices.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO provided a secure eCommerce solution by integrating a payment gateway into the Brannock Device Co. site. A payment gateway is the online equivalent of where a customer swipes their card at a brick-and-mortar store. This secure payment gateway resolves the cybersecurity shortcomings that were part of the old Brannock Device Co. site. In addition to modernized cybersecurity features, the new Brannock Device Co. site includes a fresh design that makes look and function equally well on any device, including phones, tablets and desktops.

Responsive Website Design

The new Brannock Device Co. site was made using a responsive design, meaning the site is designed to look and work well on any device. Today, people spend more time shopping online on mobile devices than shopping on desktops or laptops, according to industry research. The new Brannock Device Co. site reflects this reality, accommodating people’s preferences regardless of which device they shop on.

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Trusted Ecommerce Website Development

Brannock Device Co.’s new site features secure checkout, allowing their customers to conveniently and confidently order online.’s improved, secure online checkout also allows customers to pay with all major credit cards.

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Trusted Ecommerce Website Development Brannock Device Co