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If you are looking for a web application development company with highly experienced web application developers look no further. Our 14 years of experience in building secure internet web applications across multiple industries has given our web application developers the skills and experience to create your custom web application quickly and efficiently.

  • cnycc web site homepage

    ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO Launches CNYCC's New Medical Website

    The Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) is one of many medical organizations competing for DSRIP funding. Because getting DSRIP funding is hyper-competitive, CNYCC needed an effective online presence.…

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  • simple and secure websites

    Guidelines and Practices for Secure Website Solutions

    Basic Web Application Security 6 steps to a safer more secure website solution Secure Website Solutions for Banking Websites 1. Passwords are not stored on user accounts A practice called “hashing” is implemented, which creates a unique token for each user. The hash is further obfuscated by adding a unique token to each user’s password. If someone were able to gain access to the database, they would not be able to determine what each user’s password is. 2. Users cannot recover their old pas…

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  • web application launch

    T. Gschwender & Associates, Inc Responsive Internet Web Application Launched

    ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO developed a secure E-Credit File web application for T. Gschwender & Associates, Inc. The web app provides a user-friendly, secure interface to allow an administrator to setup the organization structure of uploading the secure documents and also has a powerful search feature to allow a user to locate any file needed quickly.…

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  • web application design in syracuse, ny

    Abstract Company Chooses ACS for Internal Order Management Database

    A reputable abstract service company was looking to have a custom web application built to increase efficiency in searching current and past orders, as well as, reduce the amount of paperwork needed in house. ACS provided a web application that runs on their internal server. The web application worked effectively not only because with the technology that can be run through a browser environment is becoming more advanced everyday, this strategy also reduces the cost of licensing and having to ha…

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  • food distributor web design

    Intranet Application Built by ACS Adapts Better Culture for Food Distributor Company G&C Foods

    This fast growing food distributor company needed a solution to more efficiently communicate between all the employees with company news, reports, training information and human resource information. By providing a user-friendly design and a content management system to allow each supervisor to manage their own area the project became a success. Not only has the intranet provided a streamline of information for all the employees, but has provided a more friendly culture within the company. Lear…

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