Medical Website Design

Eye Surgeons of Central New York

The Project:

Eye Surgeons of CNY required a new site that met patient expectations and needs. Eye Surgeons of CNY needed to comply with new regulations mandating medical sites to include a patient portal. As well as the need to satisfy regulatory requirements, Eye Surgeons of CNY needed a site that accommodated today’s web users’ expectations.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO created an easy-to-use, secure patient portal to fulfill Eye Surgeons of CNY’s needs. We also gave their site a more modern aesthetic and greater user friendliness. Like all ACS Web Design & SEO sites, Eye Surgeons of CNY’s new site is designed to work equally well on all devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. One important change to their site is a redesign that accommodates people with vision health problems, such as color blindness and blurry vision. This smart design makes Eye Surgeons of CNY’s site accessible, easy-to-use and attractive for all current and potential patients, providing Eye Surgeons of CNY with superior patient service.

Responsive Website Design

Scrolling and zooming and scrolling and zooming. This redundancy describes the frustrating experience potential clients and customers have when they go to your website on their phone. Websites with a responsive design work well on all devices: phones, tablets and computers.

Your website is often someone’s first impression of your business. If your site doesn’t look or work well on every device, potential customers and clients may have a bad impression of your business, and may be dissatisfied with their first experience with your business.

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responsive website design project for eye surgeons of central new york

Accessible Website Design

We recognized that many people seeking Eye Surgeons of CNY’s services are likely to have eye health problems. To make Eye Surgeons of CNY’s site universally accessible, the site is color blind-friendly. The site is also accessible for those with macular degeneration and a variety of other vision health problems. Additionally, the site accommodates Eye Surgeons of CNY’s patients, many of which are senior citizens. ACS Web Design & SEO is capable of identifying and implementing individualized solutions to cater to your businesses unique needs.

Accessible Website Design