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Choosing where to live is a complicated decision. That decision gets even more complicated for student housing, where class commutes and the proximity to student activities is an important deciding factor. 

University Area Apartments wanted to make the apartment finding process easier for students looking for off campus housing. University Area Apartments manages multiple properties that are located at different areas across Syracuse, NY. But their previous website made it difficult for students to compare their options, especially with this younger demographic preferring to get online through iPhones and other mobile devices. 

The previous University Area Apartments website featured a dated design that made it hard to compare one property to the next. On the administrative side, the previous University Area Apartments website was difficult to update, which created opportunities for inquiries about properties that were no longer available. 

University Area Apartments partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO for their new student apartments website design. The result is a new apartment web design that resolves the shortcomings of the previous University Area Apartments website, while exceeding our client's expectations. 

Apartment Web Design Made for A Student Audience

University Area Apartments manages multiple properties that are close to a major university. The new University Area Apartments website design is made with their unique student audience in mind. Property images are shown in a mobile-friendly display similar to how Pinterest displays images.

Pew research shows that 96% of undergraduate students and 99% of graduate students own a cell phone. Pearson Education data also shows that 86% of college students regularly use a smartphone. Reflecting this reality, the new University Area Apartments website design is made to look and work flawlessly on all devices, including smartphones. Beyond being user-friendly, University Area Apartments 

The new apartment website design for University Area Apartments also features location information that's important and easily accessible for students. Students can browse apartment properties by location, and map a location to their personal points of interest, such as classrooms, local bars and restaurants.

Students can also filter property listings by number of bedrooms, making it easy to find apartments that are suitable for solo living or rooming with friends. This allows students to find an apartment in a location that suits their lifestyle. 

apartment web design student housing by acs web design and seo

Simplifying the Hunt for Student Housing

University Area Apartments' previous website lacked information that was important to the purchasing decision of people who are in the market for student housing. 

The new University Area Apartments' website design presents complex student housing options in a simple to use manner. While potential tenants can browse apartments by location, number of bedrooms and availability, ACS delivered a solution that makes it easy to narrow down the apartment search.

apartment web design search filter for univesity area apartments by acs web design and seo

Google Maps Integration

The new University Area Apartments website needed to make it easy for potential tenants to browse properties by location. The new site required the ability to see nearby points of interest and the proximity of the properties to local universities, allowing students to find off campus housing within a reasonable commute to classes.

ACS delivered a solution that made it intuitive to browse apartments by location. The new University Area Apartments website features secure Google Maps integration. This allows potential tenants to find driving directions to and from specific apartments. University Area Apartments website includes an interactive, custom Google Map that plots properties that are available for lease from University Area Apartments. 

apartment website design interactive google map from acs web design and seo

Informative, Easy-to-Use Property Detail Pages

While location is an important factor in finding the right apartment, what's on the inside counts, too. The new, improved property detail pages for University Area Apartments gives potential tenants nearly all of the information someone would need to take the next step and schedule an apartment tour.

University Area Apartments' new website features property detail pages that include, but are not limited to:

  • interior and exterior photos of the property
  • detailed floor layout plans
  • monthly rent costs
  • detailed information on apartment features
  • an easy means to contact University Area Apartments to schedule a tour

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apartment web design property detail page from acs web design and seo

Brand Consistency

apartment web design branding by acs inc web design and seo

While the new University Area Apartments' website design needed to improve on the previous site's usability and overall aesthetic, maintaining University Area Apartments' branding was essential. University Area Apartments has a 40+ year old brand that is recognizable and includes a consistent black and red color scheme. 

The new University Area Apartments website kept consistent branding throughout the new apartment web design. The new site features an improved, mobile-friendly look and feel, while keeping essential branding elements consistent from the previous website. 

The new University Area Apartments website maintains a look and feel that is true to the established brand, while making the website more inviting than the previous version.

Custom Content Management System Made for Apartment Web Design

University Area Apartment's previous website was made with outdated technology that made it difficult and time consuming to make even seemingly simple website updates. 

The new University Area Apartment website was made with a custom Content Management System (CMS), created by our experienced web developers. 

This new CMS allows authorized University Area Apartment site administrators to add property listings and associated images, edit property detail pages, and highlight featured properties by providing high visibility positioning. Site administrators can also easily add or remove listings as their availability changes. 

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apartment web design content management system from acs web design and seo

Responsive Web Design

More and more, people are preferring to go online through mobile devices. Today, 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This mobile-first way of going online is especially preferred for University Area Apartments' target audience of college students.

The new University Area Apartments' website features a responsive web design. This means that the site is made to look and work equally well on all devices, including phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. 

apartment web design made with responsive website design by acs web design and seo

A Solution That Satisfies

The new apartment website design for University Area Apartments improves upon the company's previous website by improving usability, making the site equally accessible on all devices, and simplifying the apartment finding experience. 

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