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Mobile On Demand Storage of NY Inc. (2016)

The days of picking a service provider just because they do what you're looking for are over. The web has expanded our options as consumers, creating more competition and a greater challenge for companies to stand out. 

This is especially true when we increasingly ask Google rather than Uncle Gary for recommendations. With 81% of consumers using search engines to inform their purchasing decisions, businesses often need to be able to achieve high, valuable positions on search engines to even be considered as an option.

Recognizing this reality, Mobile On Demand Storage of NY, Inc. partnered with ACS Web Design & SEO for a business website design. The result is a mobile-friendly, professional web design that's made to be easily found when potential customers look for the products or services Mobile On Demand Storage of NY, Inc. provides. 

An Industrial Web Design Made For Lead Generation

Mobile On Demand's previous website had thin content that made it difficult for them to be found online when potentials searched for products or services our client offers.

The ACS team of web designers, information architecture experts and SEO specialists worked together to empower Mobile On Demand's site to achieve valuable search engine positions. Through both on page and off page SEO best practices and an improved site structure, we were able to deliver a professional website design that helps Mobile On Demand stand out from the competition.

As well as optimizing content for search engines, the new Mobile On Demand website provides an intuitive user experience, improving potential customers' ability to find the products or services that best fit their needs. The new web design also properly showcases Mobile On Demand's range of products in an attractive photo gallery.

industrial website design and seo for mobile on demand storage by acs web design and seo

A Modern, Responsive Website Design

Mobile On Demand's old website had a dated look and feel. In addition to the site not being made to work right on all devices, the age of the website showed, making for an unattractive first impression for potentials.

The new Mobile On Demand website was made with a responsive website design. This ensures that the website looks and functions equally well on all devices, including smart phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. Our professional website designers also delivered a modern, attractive aesthetic for Mobile On Demand's website redesign. 

People are increasingly choosing to go online through their phones and other mobile devices. Because of this, and people's impatience online, if potential customers or clients have even the slightest trouble using your website on their device, they're likely to get frustrated and go to another site that's easier to use. 

It's time for your organization's website to start creating leads for you, rather than creating lost opportunities. 

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responsive website design and industrial web design for mobile on demand storage of ny by acs web design and seo

Content Management System

Mobile On Demand's new website is powered by The ACS Edge CMS. This makes it significantly easier and faster to make site updates. The ACS Edge CMS provides an intuitive, secure way for site administrators to make changes to their site. Mobile On Demand can now efficiently add, edit or remove site content, including text, photos and videos. 

For each of our website design clients, we provide a custom solution with The ACS Edge CMS. This allows authorized site administrators to easily and quickly edit the content they'd like to change, while including security protocols that help to prevent the site from becoming broken by accident. 

Does editing your site seem harder than it should be? We can change that.

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industrial website design with content management system for mobile on demand by acs web design and seo

An Industrial Web Design Made For Growth

Mobile On Demand's new website design was created with a future digital marketing partnership with ACS in mind. Considering this, our digital advertising specialists and experienced web developers worked together to integrate third-party marketing scripts that allowed for comprehensive online lead tracking, and the creation of enhanced digital marketing ad campaigns. 

Mobile On Demand's new site also features public facing and behind-the-scenes optimizations that not only empower the site to achieve high positions on search engines at launch, but also allows for continued site growth through further SEO edits. 

Whether you're looking for cutting edge digital marketing solutions, a responsive website design, or a combination of both, our experts can deliver the results you're looking for.

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industrial website design with marketing integration for mobile on demand by acs web design and seo