SEO Writing: 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional

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SEO writing is a lot like plumbing; you could do it yourself, but doing so could get messy -- and ineffective. When it comes to SEO writing, it's best to hire a professional. 

Find out why below. 

1) SEO Writing Requires A Very Special Set of Skills

SEO writing is more than just keyword stuffing. Effective SEO writing strategically places keywords in the places that matter most. Effective SEO writing utilizes best practices to structure content in a way that's conducive to achieving high, valuable positioning on search engines for the right keywords. 

Not only does SEO writing need to use the right keywords in the right places, but certain formatting also helps to make a page achieve high positioning on search engines. SEO professionals understand Google's over 200 ranking factors, and how those different factors interact. This allows SEO professionals to optimize around a large number of ranking factors to achieve desired positioning on search engines for relevant keywords. 

There are also both on page and off page SEO strategies that, when combined together, can be highly effective, but when implemented independently may not have the desired outcome. SEO writing professionals understand how to make the most out of both on page and off page SEO strategies to achieve 1st place and 1st page results on Google and other popular search engines.

SEO Case Study: How Our Client Achieved 14 New 1st Page Positions on Google

2) Pushing the Right Buttons is Essential to Successful SEO Writing

So you have a product or service, and you want to be #1 on Google when someone searches for that product or service. Knowing which keywords to optimize around is essential to successful SEO writing. 

Many businesses use industry terms or call a product or service one thing, while customers or competitors may call the same product or service something else. Knowing which keywords to optimize around is critical for successful SEO writing. Without diligent keyword research and competitive analysis, you could spend valuable time and resources optimizing around a keyword that no one actually searches for, resulting in wasted time and effort. 

For example, an attorney may refer to one of his or her practice areas as "premise liability." Because of this, the attorney may try to do SEO writing themselves and optimize around the term "premise liability" or "premise liability lawyers." However, an SEO professional would have access to keyword research tools that could show that almost no one searches for "premise liability lawyers" because they're not familiar with this legal term. In this case, an SEO professional could do keyword research to discover other keywords that people actually use when they search for this service.

Professional SEO writers have the access and knowledge to specialized keyword research tools that can make the difference between optimizing for an industry keyword that no one uses, and a very popular search term that has the potential to bring a client an additional 100 leads per month -- leads that a client would otherwise not have if they optimized for a different, less popular search term. 

3) Professional SEO Writing Knows How To Convert Potentials to Leads 

Not only do SEO writing professionals know which keywords to optimize around, but they know how to present information in a way that converts potentials in to leads. 

SEO writing professionals are not just SEOs -- they also specialize in conversion optimization, and understand how to create content in a way that naturally leads potentials to become leads. Understanding where to place Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and other prompts for potentials to contact a business is essential to making content that drives lead generation growth. 

Because of the keyword research and competitive analysis that is inherent to quality SEO writing, SEO professionals also understand their audience and their clients' potential customers. This empowers professional SEO writing to speak to what matters most to potentials, addressing concerns and questions in a way that eases purchasing decisions. 

How We Can Help With SEO Writing

The team at ACS Web Design and SEO includes experienced SEO writing professionals.

Our SEO professionals have mastered the 3 key elements of professional SEO writing as discussed above. 

  • Our SEO writing professionals have an in depth understanding of Google's 200+ ranking factors, and are experienced in using this knowledge to achieve multiple #1 and 1st page positions on Google and other search engines,
  • Our SEO writing professionals have access to keyword research and competitive analysis tools, empowering our clients to achieve valuable positioning on search engines for popular, relevant keywords,
  • Our SEO writing professionals are experts at conversion optimization, creating content that is not only made to achieve high, valuable positions on search engines, but is also made for lead generation growth

For years, our SEO writing professionals have helped clients achieve 1st place and 1st page positions on search engines for relevant keywords. Our SEO writing professionals can help do the same for your business. 

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