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A brand says a lot about a company. Branding can be critical for positioning an organization to partner with the right types of businesses. For example, branding on a healthcare website design would be drastically different than branding on a skateboard shop's website. 

With established branding for its offline presence, MMS Holdings partnered with ACS Web Design and SEO to provide an online presence for the MMS Holdings brand. MMS Holdings is a global pharmaceutical CRO company, with services including pharmacovigilance, data management and more. 

ACS delivered with a healthcare website design that brings the MMS Holdings brand to life online. The new healthcare website design features traditional white paper landing pages and an overall look and feel that properly represents the MMS holdings brand. 

Online Brand Integration

Being an established pharmaceutical CRO with a global reach, MMS Holdings had existing branding prior to partnering with ACS for their healthcare website design. ACS was tasked with creating an online representation of the MMS Holdings brand for this web design project. 

ACS delivered the results that MMS Holdings was looking for, bringing our client's brand to life online with their new healthcare website design. ACS followed established brand standards for MMS Holdings new website. 

healthcare website design branding for mms holdings by acs inc web design and seo

Traditional White Paper Landing Page Presentation

As part of MMS Holdings' brand and industry standards, ACS created white paper landing pages. The MMS Holdings website includes all the essential elements of a white paper landing page, including detailed information about respective white papers and a white paper download form. 

Does your website need a custom form? Our professional web developers have the experience and specialized knowledge to deliver the custom solutions you're looking for. 

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healthcare website design white paper landing pages by acs web design and seo

Responsive Website Design

Today, the variety of ways in which people choose to go online is rapidly expanding. With smart phones, tablets, smart watches and more, companies that don't adapt to these shifts in consumer behavior are at risk of falling behind. 

Already, more than 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and more. This number is only expected to continue to rise. With such a large percentage of a company's potential audience researching and buying online, it's essential for organizations to ensure that their website works and looks equally well on all devices. If your website isn't made to look or work right on all devices, potential customers or clients are more likely to have a confusing or frustrating experience. That confusion or frustration quickly turns in to lost opportunities, as web users look for competitors whose sites are easier to use. 

MMS Holdings' new website is made with a responsive website design. This means that the site is designed to look and work equally well on all devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and more.

A company's website is often someone's first impression of a business. To make the best possible first impression with a responsive website design...

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healthcare website design and responsive web design for mms holdings by acs