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Van Derhoof Roofing (2015)

What's for dinner? What do we want to watch? What other question do I want to write to illustrate this point?

Life is full of choices.

When someone has to make a choice on which company to buy from, businesses have to do something to make themselves stand out. Knowing this, Van Derhoof Roofing partnered with ACS for their new roofing website design.

Van Derhoof Roofing's new roofing website design uses a nonstandard look and feel to differentiate themselves from industry competitors. The new roofing website design is also made to attract new clients, with a lead generation focus and an SEO site structure. Vanderhoof Roofing's new website also features a photo gallery to showcase their specialized skills, and integrated client testimonials to inspire confidence in potential clients. 

For full project details on the custom roofing website design we created for Van Derhoof Roofing, read below. 

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A Roofing Website Design That Stands Out from the Competition

Van Derhoof Roofing's new website was created with a nontraditional design to stand out from industry competitors. The attractive, unique roofing website design delivers an effective balance between highlighting Van Derhoof Roofing's services and craftsmanship with the family-owned company's deep history and experience. Van Derhoof's quality and expertise is a central part of the roofing website design, showcasing company projects throughout. 

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roofing website design custom for van derhoof by acs

A Roofing Website Design Made for Lead Generation Growth

Through collaboration between ACS digital marketers, usability experts, web designers and web developers, we delivered a roofing website design for Van Derhoof Roofing that's optimized to generate leads. Van Derhoof Roofing's roofing website design includes web design best practices and a site structure that naturally progresses potential clients through the purchasing process. 

In addition, the roofing website design for Van Derhoof Roofing features strategically placed Calls-To-Action (CTAs), including Contact form prompts and phone number click-to-call functionality. 

roofing website design lead generation by acs web design and seo

Custom Roofing Website Design That Brings a Brand to Life Online

Van Derhoof Roofing has been a family owned and operated business for over 75 years. The new Van Derhoof Roofing website design establishes an impressive online presence for the company brand. Van Derhoof Roofing's new website delivers an accurate online representation of the Van Derhoof brand, which has built decades of brand recognition. The roofing website design's site structure and design elements emphasize Van Derhoof Roofing's decades of dependable, quality service. This online branding creates trust among current and potential clients, which is conducive to the site's ability to generate leads.  

From creating branding guidelines to online branding and internet marketing solutions, whether you're creating a brand or boosting your brand's online presence, ACS' professional brand identity experts can help.

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roofing website design branding by acs web design and seo

SEO Migration and SEO Site Structure

roofing website design seo migration from acs inc


Throughout Van Derhoof Roofing's decades of service, the company's website has achieved valuable positioning on search engines over the years. With the new roofing website design, ACS maintained and built upon these search engine rankings.

Through collaboration between ACS' SEO professionals and web developers, a comprehensive SEO migration was performed as part of the new website launch. This SEO migration included taking necessary steps to prevent Van Derhoof Roofing from losing earned positioning on search engines. 

Beyond maintaining Van Derhoof Roofing's positioning on search engines, ACS improved Van Derhoof Roofing's search engine rankings by implementing an SEO site structure. As a result of thorough market research and analysis, ACS obtained an understanding of Van Derhoof Roofing's competitors. These competitive insights were used to inform the creation of the site's SEO structure. This SEO site structure has resulted in Van Derhoof Roofing earning top visibility on search engines for keywords that are most likely to be searched by potential clients. 

Potential customers or clients in your service region are actively searching for what you're selling. But, without an SEO strategy, your competitors are likely to be their first choice. Organizations that don't pursue an SEO strategy are stuck with missed opportunities and fewer leads.

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Client Testimonial Integration

 roofing website design testimonials by acs inc web design and seo

Van Derhoof Roofing has created many satisfied clients throughout their decades of quality service. To inspire confidence in potential clients, testimonials from satisfied clients are integrated throughout the Van Derhoof Roofing website. These testimonials are integrated in highly visible areas of the website, so potentials know that Van Derhoof Roofing is a dependable service provider that clients can trust. 

Project Photo Gallery 

roofing website design project gallery from acs inc web design and seo

Van Derhoof Roofing's previous website included project photos, but the images weren't optimized for viewing on the web. Van Derhoof Roofing's new roofing website design features a project photo gallery, with dedicated project photo gallery sections for each offered service. The new roofing website design also features project gallery photos that are made to display as intended on all devices, including phones, tablets and desktops or laptops. 

Online Careers Application

Van Derhoof Roofing's new roofing website design includes a custom company careers application. This interactive online careers application includes custom employment application questions that are unique to Van Derhoof Roofing's hiring process. The online career application is intuitive to use for job seekers, allowing potential employees to apply through the Van Derhoof Roofing website. 

Completed online career applications are automatically emailed to appropriate Van Derhoof Roofing hiring staff, significantly streamlining the hiring and recruiting process. 

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roofing website design online job application by acs web design and seo

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Van Derhoof Roofing's new website is powered by The ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS). The ACS Edge CMS empowers authorized Van Derhoof Roofing staff to securely and easily make website updates. Van Derhoof Roofing can use The ACS Edge CMS to add, edit or remove website text, images and videos. All of these website updates can be done without any knowledge of computer code.

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roofing website design with cms from acs web design and seo

Responsive Website Design

Van Derhoof Roofing's new website is made with a responsive website design. This means that the site is made to look and function equally well regardless of which device the site is accessed from. The new Van Derhoof Roofing website is designed to look and work equally well on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. 

With over 60% of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices, organizations whose websites aren't made with a responsive website design are at a competitive disadvantage. Because so much of people's time online is spent on mobile devices, people will quickly look elsewhere if your website isn't made to look and function flawlessly on these mobile devices.

Lacking a responsive website design makes your organization vulnerable to losing leads to competitors whose websites are made to look and work on all devices. 

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roofing website design and responsive website design for van derhoof roofing by acs