Apartment Website Design

Pike Block Luxury Apartments

The Project:

The Pike Block apartments needed a website to appeal to young professionals and students looking to live and work in downtown Syracuse. Their target audience was to be artistic and creative by nature with an affinity for music and art.

The Solution:

We adopted a "grunge" experience throughout the site with the concrete wall pattern and large urban photography. We also felt the best way to appeal to this audience, promote interest in the site and the product, would be to be unique to all the other sites delivering we tried something a little different and created a flexible horizontal site architecture.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website architecture is still fairly new, but that didn't stop us! We created a site that would redesign itself as the screen size reduced. This means that the user would always be able to interact with the site easily no matter what device they viewed the site on. Phone, tablet, standard desktop or large desktop the site can change and remain accessible.

We needed to leave an impression. By delivering a site that worked on any device and a very unique horizontal page interaction we and the client felt we achieved our goals. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Business Identity

First we had to create a new brand. We collaborated with VIP Structures and created a logo that was urban, clean and versatile. We then followed it up with the tagline "Celebrate the art of city living" which became the theme of the whole project.