Retail Leasing Website Design

Pike Block Retail Leasing (2012)

The Project:

After the Pike Block luxury apartment site was completed Pike Block wanted to extend the site to include a micro site targeting retail stores that might want to rent the commercial space within the Pike Block buildings.

The Solution:

The Retail Leasing site was designed to share the look and feel of the apartment site, but have a cleaner, corporate look and feel regarding how the content was laid out to better target a commercial audience. Much like the apartment site it was decided that the site needed to be very visual. We hoped to create an interest using images of the neighborhood and demographics on downtown Syracuse. By placing a contact form on the bottom of every page the visitor can contact Pike Block for information no matter where they are on the site.

Responsive Website Design

The rapid increase in mobile browsing in the US market has made considerable waves in the search and design communities. When Google publicizes its support of Responsive Web Design we sit up and take notice. In our case, we had already implemented Responsive Web Design before an official statement was made by the Search Giant and we were able to continue to lead the field in this web development arena.

Every potential lead is important. Creating a resource that provides information and allows your business to grow through online leads is importance to us. A responsive design ensures that no visitors leave because of avoidable frustrations caused by less forward thinking design decisions.

Retail Leasing Responsive Web Design Campaigns