Brand Identity

OptiGolf Indoor Golf (2013)

The Project:

OptiGolf wanted a website to accompany the opening of a new location in Destiny USA. As a growing worldwide brand, they needed a design that encompassed and projected their existing online branding conventions but still was still customized to the offerings of their new entertainment complex.

The Solution:

We were able to reference and improve on existing brand standards for website design therefore creating a more seamless and comfortable experience for visitors traveling between the OptiGolf network of sites. Although, we stayed true to visual conventions we were able to make significant technical improvements that led to a faster loading site that is optimized for regional traffic and utilizes Responsive Web Design standards.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design is an important consideration for industries in the entertainment vertical. Potential visitors to your stores, restaurants and entertainment complexes often make decisions "on the go". When searching for something to do or something to eat, potentials may have income in excess but patience there is short. Creating a site that loads quickly and views appropriately in any size screen and on any type of device, should be of tantamount concern.

On the Go. Responsive Design helps to ensure that when your potential customers are making plans on the go, that you can be top on their list!