Commercial Machinery Website Design

Olney Food Processing Equipment (2013)

The Project:

The G.J. Olney Company is a global leader in the food processing machinery industry. Many standard use processes have names that are synonymous with the Brand. A brand with such a rich and reputable history needs an online presence that reflects it. We redesigned the site to better encompass the needs of an online audience and introduced a responsive framework to open up the site to a global mobile audience.

The Solution:

The solution to Olney's concerns was to rebuild the content throughout the site then create a design that would fit the new content architecture. While the content on the original site was valid, we broke it up into smaller sections isolating specific information with headlines and iconic cues. The new design allows a visitor to scan through the content to quickly find the information they are interested in. Although this site is still in production we anticipate better search engine impressions and a lower bounce rate due to the content structure.

Responsive Website Design

Utilizing our extensive experience in Responsive Website Design we were able to deliver a very attractive interface to represent our clients product line. Now, no matter how the site is accessed we know that global visitors will experience a visually pleasing, easy to navigate, informative resource that showcases the product line effectively.

The Future is Now. It doesn't matter what device or monitor size this site is visited on presently or what devices are released in the future, we can comfortably predict a friction free and intelligent experience for users.

Responsive Website Design in NY