Industrial Website Design

Mitten Manufacturing

The Project:

Mitten Manufacturing needed a new website with up to date technology and professional site architecture. The focus of the new site was to showcase the products and services available and interest a visitor to call for more information.

The Solution:

We created a category tree from general to specific to allow a visitor to drive down to the specific information they needed without feeling overwhelmed or having to sift through other information that was irrelevant to them. The new design was focused and we selected a color palette that matched their business identity. The site was designed to inform a visitor enough to generate an inquiry. The client and we both feel that we achieved our objective.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is the response to the growth of use of mobile enabled devices and expanding more affordable options for desktop screen monitors. From Wide Screen televisions to pocket sized phones, users are connecting to the web in new ways never before imagined. By adapting to a Responsive Website Design architecture we can ensure that your site looks "right" in modern devices such as laptops, smart phones, desktop monitors and tablets and also devices yet to come!

Mobile devices made up 20% of US web traffic in 2012. Between web enabled mobile devices and tablet computers the use of mobile browsers as part of the decision making process has increased exponentially. By creating a design that can respond to the size of the device that your viewer uses we can help ensure that the decision they make is you!

fluid system packaging responsive website design all devices

Search Engine Optimization

A Strong Brand Identity. Mitten Manufacturing needed to establish a unique presence on the web. After years of sharing a namespace with it's sister company, Mitten Fluidpower Inc., Mitten Manufacturing was ready to offer its lube oil and gas systems to a global audience in it's own focused environment. ACS utilized our strong Local SEO and Reputation Management abilities to help create defined online identities for both sites while retaining the value achieved via references in existing resources achieved in 17 years on the web.

fluid system packaging responsive website design search engine optimization growth graph for mitten manufacturing