Responsive Website Redesign

MCVac Industries

The Project:

MCVac needed to reinvent their website to allow custom control of the content and images displayed throughout the site. Our exisiting design was strong and we were tasked with maintaining the existing look and feel while still adding significant new functionality and display options. We also suggested taking this opportunity to create an expanded social media presence.

The Solution:

To address the client's need to update content easily, we integrated the existing design into a custom Wordpress framework. This will allow MCVac the ability to update any existing page on the site and create new pages as they require. We created a dedicated blog section for covering important news and events which will allow McVac to keep their content fresh and relevant. Keeping within our standards, the site was coded to be completely responsive. This will ensure that is fully accessible to mobile and tablet visitors for years to come.

Responsive Website Design

The bold design and color palette used for the website makes for a readily identifiable brand and a great showcase of their unique, world class product line. By making the website redesign responsive we ensure that this brand is well represented no matter how a visitor chooses to browse the MCVac product line via the web.

61% of visitors will return to Google to find a site that is easily readable. Accessing the web to find service providers and products via a mobile device has quickly become the standard. When a visitor accesses a website that displays poorly or is confusing to their mobile browser, a new provider is only a single click away. By utilizing smart responsive design practices, ACS, can ensure your visitors not only find you, but also stick around!

Responsive View for Manufacturing Website Design

Content Management

We adapted the popular Wordpress CMS to work in a responsive framework and allow custom and complete control of the text and images across the site. We also added custom functionality and a dedicated blog section that allows our client to quickly add fresh and relevant content and news to their blog section. Both search engines and repeat visitors enjoy updated content and the MCVac redesign is capable of providing that without requiring our clients to know or write any actual code.

Content Management System Design