Legal Landing Page Design

Koldin Law Center

The Project:

We needed to increase the marketability of specific services with narrow target audiences for Koldin Law Center. They wanted to be able to market certain services independently then drive traffic to the site.

The Solution:

Our solution was to create separate landing pages to inform a potential client of specialized services. Each landing page was designed to create a focused presentation of an area of expertise or legal practice area. Once informed a visitor would be directed to the website to contact Koldin Law Center.

This would allow Koldin Law Center to drive traffic to these specialized pages and ensure a higher conversion from these targeted visitors.

Responsive Website Design

With important clients come important considerations. Considering the specialized nature of these landing pages, losing any possible pre-qualified leads due to viewing issues from an outdated design would have been a wasteful practice. We ensured that an optimized experience would be had by all visitors and they would clearly know they landed in the right place and could easily figure out what to do next of they wanted to start the lines of communication.

A visitor to these landing pages could comfortable understand the focus and purpose of the page on their handheld smart phone or the family flat screen. Regardless, of the display size the responsive design will adapt to show the best possible viewing experience.

legal industry portfolio near syracuse ny responsive website design for koldin law center