Medical Job Search Website

Central Therapy Travel

The Project:

Central Therapy Travel came to us with an exisiting WordPress site that lacked the appropriate functionality to provide a proper search portal experience. The overall design and branding of the site was also below the standard the business offered in all other aspects of their service. They felt the site needed a complete overhaul and tasked us with creating a new experience that would better match the needs of their audience and project the professionalism, culture and opportunities of their business.

The Solution:

We analyzed exisiting traffic patterns in the current site and reviewed the industry norms and felt we could do better. We created a custom CMS that was designed around the needs of our client and was custom designed to make their interface with the site as quick and painless as possible. We also created a fully responsive design that was created with attention to context of use and a focus on legibility and readability.

Responsive Website Design

With a primary focus of providing job opportunities for targeted job seekers, it was very important that the Central Therapy site could be accessed across any and all devices. The primary audience of young, on-the-go travel therapists was a market we identified as being tech savvy and frequent smartphone users. Our analysis proved true and the site has proven to have a significant percentage of tablet and mobile users who stay on the site equally as long as traditional desktop users. This is a great success and not common in non-responsive sites as a poor experience in mobile and desktop usually drives users away quickly.

Job Search

We identified common search patterns and browsing styles that a job seeker would use. We created a highly visible search functionality with complex, highly configurable options that are deceptively easy to use. Job seekers are able to filter by discipline and search by desired placements. This search feature works equally well across all devices and browsers and allow for potentials to be quickly matched with their best options for employment.