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Commercial Travelers

The Project:

One of the U.S.’s oldest insurance companies Commercial Travelers needed an update to their website to have more control of managing the sites content and providing clients and customers with streamlined access to product information and resources such as informational brochures, downloadable and printable forms, and web applications. While providing valuable and necessary resources to current customers, the new website also needed to be an online presence to provide general company and services information, and means of contact.

The Solution:

Commercial Travelers new insurance website was built to include custom content management options that allow them to update company information and provide the sites visitors with access to the most up to date forms and documents needed on a regular basis for information, filing and management of claims.

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Responsive Website Design

Second screen behaviour and mobile use of the web is becoming an everyday activity for most smartphone and tablet owners. Having a website that provides a frustration-free, intelligently designed and easily navigated experience within a mobile environment is no longer a novelty, it is a requirement to provide the experience that your customers and clients now expect.

By creating a site environment that is responsive, intuitively designed and developed to minimize load times, the Commercial Travelers website will continue to provide an environment to it's current and prospective clients that can be easily accessed and understood regardless of how and when it is accessed.

Responsive View of Insurance Website Design

Content Management (CMS)

Being able to easily update your business website with new images and text and manage uploaded files and submissions to your website is crucial. Your website is an important resource to your visitors, potential clients and current customers. ACS creates custom CMS configurations and functionality so that site management tasks never gets in the way of managing your business and serving your clients.

CMS Development for Insurance Industry