Industrial Responsive Website Design

SB Specialty Metals

The Project:

SB Specialty Metals needed an informational resource that appealed to very select targeted visitors made up of primarily engineers. In addition the company required a strong online representation of their brand and needed to have a site that could deliver an optimum viewing experience across a variety of devices.

The Solution:

The project priority was to allow for easily access to very specific product technical information for an engineering audience. Although the homepage was designed to introduce the SB Specialty Brand "above the fold," the navigation was designed to present the diversity of their services in an easy to understand manner.

Responsive Website Design

Tablet use is high in Construction and Engineering fields. Smart design means making intelligent decisions based on how a target audience may interact with a web resource. We were aware that tablet use in the Construction and Engineering Industry is high and we made sure that the responsive framework we used would deliver a great virtual experience to visitors on iPads, Tablet PC's, iPhones, Android phones and other web enabled devices in addition to more traditional laptop and desktop viewing experiences.

Responsive web design SB Specialty Metals