CNY Services

CNY Services (2014)

The Project:

In 2009, ACS designed CNY Services website. Five years later, CNY Services returned to have their medical website design transformed with a responsive design. ACS completely maintained CNY Services current site content and navigation, while modernizing site accessibility for all devices.

The Solution:

ACS created a responsive CSS framework, allowing the website to adapt to various display sizes, strengthening CNY Services accessibility. CNY Services also received a more modern CMS, allowing routine maintenance to be performed easily and with no programming knowledge necessary. This easy management extended to printer friendly PDFs for some pages, allowing print and web view style sheets to be edited simultaneously.

Responsive Website Design

In a world of diverse devices, consumers expect to access the web whenever without flaw. Responsive design ensures website navigation is equally user-friendly on all devices and displays. Responsive design requires forward thinking and rigorous, frequent testing, resulting in a web environment that adequately adapts for new technology. Responsive design is cost efficient, too, as mobile applications and individual website design for each device is not necessary.

Medical Web Design - Responsive Layout example

Career Listings includes a career listings page for individuals pursuing health care employment opportunities. The user-friendly listings are categorized by geographical county, and its concise listing links allow for easy browsing.

Career Listings on Websites Function Example