Credit Union Website Design

SECNY Federal Credit Union (2013)

The Project:

SECNY FCU, was looking to provide their new and potential members with a visitor experience that was not only cross browser compatible, but also cross device compatible. By moving to a completely responsive website that was designed to provide a consistent experience across desktops, laptops, phones and tablets, SECNY FCU was able to discontinue redundant development of dedicated mobile apps and focus on one dedicated environment for it users. SECNY.ORG is used daily by many of the credit unions customers and any design changes and modifications had to be done without disrupting daily use of core functions.

The Solution:

A responsive design was created using the flat design styles that were emerging as a recognizable constant in the Windows 8 OS. This “metro” style will remain consistent to customers and is intuitive and easy to interact with in a touch environment. An improved “ATM Locator” interface was created that allows customers to discover dedicated or surcharge free ATM’s and access to multiple financial calculators was added to the sites options. SECNY has a dedicated internet portal that allows customers to “surf the internet,” this popular feature was revamped and improved to fit the new aesthetic of the site.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design is now a requirement for serious online business. Consumers expectations have changed and lack of mobile friendly content causes frustration that is unacceptable to most users. Creating a well planned responsive design takes foresight and frequent testing but leads to a web environment that is timeless and removes the need for dedicated and separate mobile applications and mobile websites which considerable limits ongoing development and maintenance costs.

web design for SECNY federal credit union responsive website design by acs web design and seo

Application Development:

SECNY.ORG contains a sophisticated ATM locator service developed by ACS. The ATM Locator utilizes a frequently updated database of ShareNet, AllPoint and SECNY ATM's combined with a custom designed geo-location service that allows customers to quickly find ATM's within the user defined radius and automatically showcases the closest locations.

web design for SECNY federal credit union application development by acs web design and seo