Credit Union Web Design

Countryside FCU (July 2012)

The Project:

Countryside Federal Credit Union needed an updated website to meet the needs of their growing membership. They wanted to target a younger demographic without ostracizing their current member base.

The Solution:

Because the site was being used regularly we couldn’t completely reinvent the user experience or we’d run the risk of confusing the users who have expected a certain experience, but we did have to update the site for new audiences. We replaced the large homepage banner used to highlight the credit union and changed the focus of the site to offers and options available for both current members and potential members. We also themed the site trying to better brand the "Countryside" name.

Responsive Website Design

We knew that the younger demographic was inclined to use smart phones and tablets to browse the web. By instituting a responsive framework that adapted to the size of the visitors screen, we were able to make the experience of browsing the site and performing research on banking services more accessible to this target demographic.

A Design Success. By delivering an intelligent and intent driven mobile experience we successfully spurred a noticeable and long term increase in mobile use of the Countryside FCU website.

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding your visitors. We didn't have to guess about the success of the Countryside website redesign with it's increased attention to mobile users. Through our long history of providing ongoing search engine optimization and website maintenance we have developed the expert knowledge of site analytics and predictive analysis that allows us to both provide ongoing insights and intelligent design suggestions that create the positive visitor experiences that are rewarded by search engines.