Commercial Website Design

JJAG Wing Snow Plows

The Project:

The goal was to reinvent the existing JJAG Wing website that was reliant on outdated Flash Technology. We also introduced a responsive website architecture further increasing site accessibility to viewers who may have been previously limited by connection speeds, device sizes and browser technologies.

The Solution:

The design and content placement were the most important parts of this project. We had to create a layout and color palette that would appeal to our primary audience. We determined that the JJAG Wing audience was commercial snow plow operators. We felt that we needed to quickly explain how the product will affect production and how the end user would benefit from its use. We did this within a high contrast, dark and industrial site design.

Responsive Website Design

Our target audience wasn't the type to sit at a desk all day. Keeping this in mind we created an adaptive site design that responds and changes to provide the optimal experience to the user no matter how they choose to interact with the site.

From truck cab to board room. By creating a site that delivered an equally accessible experience on any type of device, we were able to ensure that the product line could be viewed and discussed on smart phones and tablets while on the go just as readily as it could be in a Purchasing Agent's office or on a boardroom projection screen.

responsive commercial website design JJAG Wing