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Liberty Post (2017)

Imagine you're at a book store and you have a specific purchase in mind. Now imagine if that book store didn't organize their selection by genre or alphabetical order. 

War and Peace shares a shelf with Winnie the Pooh, Shakespeare is next to Dr. Suess and you're left sifting through thousands of books to find the one you want. In this scenario, you'll likely get confused, frustrated and you just might go home empty handed. 

That situation is similar to how potential customers and clients feel on a disorganized website. If a site isn't structured in an easy, intuitive way that makes finding sought after information or services quick and painless, potential leads are likely to turn in to lost opportunities. 

This situation is similar to the problem Liberty POST had with their existing website. Their site architecture made it difficult for potentials to find the specific services they needed. The analysts, professional web designers and User Experience experts at ACS Web Design & SEO partnered with Liberty POST to deliver a responsive website design that resolved these issues, enhancing the site's ability to acquire new clients. 

A Site Structure That Makes Sense

Liberty POST provides educational and medical services designed for the developmental needs of children and those with autism and learning disabilities. Liberty POST's previous site had all of their services and programs on a single web page, making it difficult for parents to find the right solution for their child's needs. The previous site also had redundant content from page to page, creating confusion for potential clients. 

ACS Web Design & SEO's medical website redesign delivered a solution that makes it easy for potentials to find exactly what they're interested in. Through professional analysis and collaboration, we were able to identify the unique needs of Liberty POST's audience. This audience knowledge empowered ACS, Inc. to provide an informed site architecture that makes sense to potential clients. The Liberty POST website features audience-based navigation, allowing potentials to find services and programs based on their child's age range.

In addition, the new site has easily navigable pages for each service and program offered by Liberty POST. 

medical website design site structure for liberty post from acs web design and seo

A Professional Website Design That Speaks to Your Audience

The Liberty POST website effectively uses design elements (such as images and typography) to speak to the needs of their target audience. Because Liberty POST provides services for children, the new Liberty POST website shows happy kids with a font that's similar to a child's handwriting. 

ACS also understood that Liberty POST provides services for children, but the true target audience is the parents of the children being served. The website's imagery reflects this audience, with pictures of supportive parents and happy families. The new website also features messaging that addresses common questions and concerns that are important to Liberty POST's potential clients. This includes testimonials, an FAQ page and well organized resources. 

pediatric therapy website design audience focus from acs web design and seo

Reaching the Spanish Language Community

Liberty POST provides educational and medical services for the developmental needs of children and those with autism and learning disabilities.  

Some families needing the services provided by Liberty POST primarily speak Spanish.  Liberty POST needed to find a solution for providing Spanish language resources to these families, including answers to relevant questions.

ACS designed a Spanish language page, written by an SEO specialist who is fluent in Spanish, which aims to answer all questions families would have during the process of enrolling their child in Liberty POST's educational services.

This page outlines the first steps Liberty POST's educational experts take when establishing a unique education plan for each child's needs, with a "look and feel" that reflects the audience of the Spanish speaking community.  

Important information is laid out in a question-and-answer format, and the Spanish-language sidebars highlight further resources and information on autism & educational developmental programs for children's age ranges. 

This Spanish language page serves as an important information resource for Liberty POST's Spanish speaking clientele and answers important questions families would have when enrolling their children in Liberty POST's educational services. 

Spanish Language translation services, Spanish Language Landing Page

Responsive Medical Website Design

Over 60% of all online traffic today comes from mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. This isn't a trend, but the way people are getting used to doing business. According to a study by Google, 67% of those surveyed said that a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a product or use a service. That same Google study found that 61% of people will go to a competitor's site if they can't find what they're looking for on a site they're accessing from a mobile device.

What do all of these statistics mean? That if your company's website isn't made to look and work flawlessly on all devices, you're likely losing potential customers or clients because of it.

The new Liberty POST website is made with a responsive website design. This means that the site is designed to look and function equally well on a smart phone as it does on a desktop, laptop or any other device that you can get online from. 

Stop losing leads. To learn how a mobile friendly, responsive website design for your organization's website can help...

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responsive medical website design made for liberty post by acs web design and seo

Site Updates and Edits Made Easy with a Content Management System (CMS)

From news and events to expanding services and time sensitive announcements, no business is static. A business website shouldn't be static either. In addition to the benefit of new, updated content helping in terms of achieving valuable positions on search engines, the ability to easily and quickly update site content is essential for growing businesses.

The new Liberty POST website is powered by The ACS Edge CMS. This custom Content Management System (CMS) allows site administrators to securely add, edit and remove site content without having to know anything about computer code languages. 

If you're sick of dealing with a roundabout, time intensive process to make simple site updates, let's talk about how The ACS Edge CMS can help you take control of your site content.

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