Nursing Home Website Design

Crouse Community Center (2020)

Crouse Community Center partnered with ACS Web Design and SEO for a website redesign. Like a growing number of organizations, Crouse Community Center addressed the need to make their website ADA compliant, as more and more organizations face litigation due to recently enforced accessibility regulations. 

Beyond necessary regulation compliance, Crouse Community Center's upgraded nursing home website aimed to showcase the high ratings that the organization earned from Medicare.

The upgraded Crouse Community Center website also needed new branding and a more communicative logo. The site also aimed for a more efficient online employment application.

ACS Web Design and SEO created a custom nursing home website design that achieved our client's project goals and is made for organizational growth.


ADA Compliant Nursing Home Website Design

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The Americans with Disabilities Act has been amended. Now, an organization's website must be equally accessible for individuals with disabilities as the site is for those without disabilities. However, fulfilling these accessibility requirements means you need a team with a very special set of skills.

There is an extensive list specifying how a website must be built to fulfill accessibility requirements. The ACS team of web developers, web designers and usability experts have the knowledge necessary to create an ADA compliant website. 

ACS created a custom, ADA compliant website design for Crouse Community Center. For years, ACS has been the trusted provider for ADA compliant web design. 

Do something now before your organization faces costly lawsuits or non-compliance fees. 

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Nursing Home Website Design with Logo Design and Brand Identity

nursing home website design image of crouse community center logo sharing life growth and spirit since 1991In addition to a new website, Crouse Community Center recognized the need for a new logo that was more visually communicative.

The ACS team of professional designers created a new Crouse Community Center logo. The new logo was also used to develop a brand identity that was consistent throughout the Crouse Community Center website. 

Whether you're creating a new brand or reimagining your existing brand, the creative team at ACS can bring your vision to life in a way that makes your organization memorable and recognizable. 

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Nursing Home Website Design with Secure, Easy to Update News

With events for residents and their families, policy changes and more, the Crouse Community Center website design needed a news/blog feature. The site also needed to make it intuitive for authorized site administrators to add, edit or remove news posts. 

The upgraded Crouse Community Center website makes it easy to maintain a current company news section. 

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Nursing Home Website Design with Online Employment Application

In an age where thousands of jobs can be found online, a simple application process is important for an organization to attract qualified talent. 

With the upgraded Crouse Community Center website, gone are the days of downloading a paper job application, filling out the job application, scanning the job application then applying. 

The Crouse Community Center website streamlines the job application process. The nursing home website features a secure online form where job candidates can apply. The form even allows applicants to save their application and finish applying at a later time. Form submissions are automatically emailed to relevant hiring staff. 

Make it easier for qualified candidates to apply to join your organization. ACS can create a custom online employment application.

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Nursing Home Website Design with Secure, Third-Party Donation Payment Processing

Crouse Community Center is an independent, non-profit long term care facility. As such, donations are important. ACS successfully integrated a secure, third party payment processing form to allow people to donate to Crouse Community Center.

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Nursing Home Website Design with an SEO Site Structure

The Crouse Community Center nursing home website redesign was built with an SEO site structure. Leveraging our team's knowledge of Google's 200+ ranking factors, ACS created a website design that's built with a focus on achieving relevant positioning on search engines. The site is structured in a way to achieve our client's SEO goals.

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Nursing Home Website Design with SEO Migration

Launching a new website can be exciting. However, if a proper SEO migration isn't accounted for, that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration.

Without an SEO migration, organizations' risk a significant loss in their online visibility. This drop in online visibility can devastate an organization's ability to achieve their goals for growth. 

The Crouse Community Center website, like all ACS website redesign projects, was launched with a proper SEO migration. This ensures that Crouse Community Center both maintains the positioning on search engines that they've achieved over the years, while also empowering our client to build upon their existing online visibility.

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Nursing Home Website Design with Professional SEO Copywriting

With an aging population in the US, long term care facilities are in high demand. Being among the first choices for potential residents and their families can make the difference between one facility being chosen over another. 

Recognizing this, Crouse Community Center partnered with the ACS team of professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriters. Through keyword research and an understanding of what goes in to the decision making process for potential residents, ACS SEO copywriters created content that's both made to achieve top, relevant positions on search engines while also staying true to our client's brand. Our copywriters created effective content that's both sensitive to the personal nature of choosing a long term care facility and makes Crouse Community Center a top choice. 

SEO copywriting is a vital part of maximizing online visibility and achieving organizational goals.

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Nursing Home Website Design with a Custom, Responsive Web Design

More than 60% of all online activity now occurs on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. If you're not accommodating for this consumer behavior, you're at a competitive disadvantage -- and it may be enough for otherwise interested potentials to go to your competitor. 

When your website isn't made to work on mobile devices, you're risking a frustrating first impression for potentials. People may click on parts of your website they didn't intend to, text may be hard to read and the look and feel of the website may be off-putting.

The Crouse Community Center website, like all ACS website design projects, was built with a custom, responsive website design. This means that the site is designed to look and work equally well on all devices, including mobile devices like phones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops.

If your website isn't made with a responsive web design, you may already be losing otherwise interested potentials to your competition.

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Nursing Home Website Design That Makes Website Updates Secure & Simple

Too often, with other websites, what should be a quick, easy edit turns in to a prolonged game of phone tag with web developers. ACS offers a better way: The ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS).

With the ACS Edge CMS, authorized site administrators can quickly and easily add, edit or remove text, images or entire web pages on their site. The ACS Edge CMS makes it all possible without having to know any computer coding languages. 

The ACS Edge CMS is made with usability in mind. With the ACS Edge CMS, making updates to a website is quick, easy and secure -- as it should be.

The Crouse Community Center website is powered by the ACS Edge CMS.

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