Healthcare Organization Website Design

Central New York Care Collaborative

The Project:

The Central New York Care Collaborative (CNYCC) is a conglomerate of healthcare providers and community organizations. The CNYCC is one of many organizations across New York State competing for DSRIP funding. This funding is to be used to reform the state’s Medicaid system, focusing on reducing costs and improving care. Receiving DSRIP funding is hyper-competitive, so CNYCC needed a temporary website to be designed and developed quickly. CNYCC’s site needed to attract more partners, as well as serve as a convenient, informative resource.

The Solution:

Within weeks, ACS Web Design & SEO created a fully functional temporary site for CNYCC. In addition to receiving a time-sensitive solution that provided CNYCC with an impressive online presence, CNYCC’s temporary and permanent site included an events calendar that allowed partners to register for events. CNYCC’s site also features informative documents, presentations and other resources that exemplify CNYCC’s commitment to transparency, as well as providing current and potential partners with valuable information. CNYCC’s site also features a user-friendly membership form, giving member-exclusive access to documents and files.

Responsive Website Design

CNYCC’s site was designed to look and work equally well on all devices, including phones, tablets and computers. CNYCC’s site includes important information and resources. This responsive web design allows current and potential partners to have on-the-go access to important documents, files and information, accommodating today’s web users’ expectations.

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Custom Content Management System (CMS)

CNYCC received a custom content management system (CMS), allowing for easy site updating. This intuitive CMS allows CNYCC to easily manage their content, including adding or deleting events on their calendar, adding important documents and maintaining a “news” section. Additionally, the CMS allows CNYCC to make their site evolve as their organization’s purpose changes. In the early stages of its existence, CNYCC’s site exists to demonstrate transparency and attract partners and funding. However, once CNYCC gathers the financial and collaborative support they need, their site will need to provide more detail on their plans for how to best implement DSRIP funding. The CMS that CNYCC received from ACS Web Design & SEO will make this transition seamless, as all our CMS’ are developed to be easy to use without any special design or programming skills necessary.

Content Management System for Healthcare organizations