Medical Website Design

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (2014)

The Project:

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) is a premier orthopedic medical practice with several offices in the Syracuse area. SOS and ACS Web Design & SEO are developing multiple websites for each of SOS’ specific medical specialties. Because of this, SOS needed a website design that provided unified branding from one SOS site to the next, allowing for seamless navigation from one SOS site to the next. In addition to streamlined user interaction with SOS sites, SOS needed to be able to easily edit and update their sites.

The Solution:

SOS’ main site has been launched with a design that will remain consistent across all SOS sites, allowing almost no noticeable change when navigating from one site to the next, and providing users with a familiar experience. In addition to SOS’ site looking and working equally well on all devices, SOS received one content management system (CMS) that allows SOS to update all their sites, making site maintenance simple and convenient.

Responsive Website Design

SOS’ website received a responsive site design, meaning the site is designed to work and look right on any device, including phones, tablets and computers. With 60% of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices, SOS recognized and responded to their patient’s growing need for on the go medical information and services (such as scheduling appointments).

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responsive design for medical website design

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

SOS received a content management system (CMS) that allows them to easily update their sites. This is a must for SOS, particularly because SOS maintains a “News” section on their site. SOS’ CMS, as with all CMS' developed by ACS, is made to be easy to use with no technical skills required. Our custom CMS' allow for convenient, no-hassle site updates, letting you focus on running your business.

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Hold Your Position

SOS’ previous site was designed by ACS with search engine optimization (SEO) considerations, making SOS easy to find on popular search engines. To maintain SOS’ SEO performance, and protect from any financial repercussions from losing ranking on search, ACS, Inc. performed SEO migration. This SEO migration helped the new maintain their high positioning on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, ensuring current and potential patients can easily find SOS online.

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A Legally Compliant Patient Portal

As part of the 2009 economic stimulus law, medical practices and hospitals must have a patient portal on their website by 2015 or have their Medicaid or Medicare reimbursement funding reduced. Patient portals provide convenient, secure online access to electronic health records (EHRs). Patient portals are intended to empower patients by providing easy access to important information about their personal health, reducing unnecessary doctor’s visits and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

ACS was able to integrate a secure patient portal for SOS’ site, ensuring SOS is on the right side of the law. The patient portal requirements also mandate that 5% of an organization’s patients use the patient portal. Knowing this, our usability experts made SOS’ patient portal optimized for convenience, making patient portal buttons highly visible on both the top and bottom of every page.

To avoid a partial loss of your hospital or medical practices’ federal funding, contact us for secure, user-friendly patient portal integration.

Custom Medical Web Design and Branding

Custom Company Directory

Many patients feel more comfortable when they know their doctor. Recognizing this, ACS designed and developed a custom company directory for SOS. SOS’ custom company directory includes staff photographs and full biographies for each SOS doctor, as well as all SOS physician assistants, nurse practitioners and SOS’ pedorthists. SOS’ company directory details SOS’ expert care providers’ qualifications, giving reassurance to potential and current patients.

Physician Profile Function in Website example

Interactive Maps & Directories

The new features interactive directions and maps for each SOS location. These maps and interactive directions are easily accessible from any device, allowing for convenient, on-the-go directions for patients’ to navigate to SOS' offices.

Custom Maps and Location Function in Medical Website CMS

Custom Google Search

ACS sites are designed to optimize user-friendliness, making finding information quick and easy. In addition to an intuitive interface, SOS’ site received a site search function, allowing visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for fast. SOS’ site search is powered by Google, the world’s most powerful search engine.

The new maximizes user-friendliness, and simplifies site management. To start using the web to its full potential, contact us.

Custom search feature in medical cms by ACS, Inc Web Design & SEO