Medical Website Design and Development

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists

With enforcement of website ADA compliance and related litigation growing in recent years, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) partnered with ACS Web Design and SEO to satisfy these regulatory requirements. 

The upgraded SOS website also aimed for navigation changes in response to patient feedback. SOS also needed to manage edits for all four of their websites in one central, secure content management system. 

ACS Web Design and SEO excelled at their project task of making the complex simple. The result is an SOS website redesign that is informative and user-friendly for existing and potential patients. 

Medical Website Design and Development Built for ADA Website Compliance

medical website design and development image of accessibility key on keyboard and wheelchair icon to represent ada compliant website design

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been amended. Just like a storefront or office needs to be equally accessible for individuals with disabilities as individuals without disabilities, an organization's website is required to also be equally accessible. 

ADA website regulations have been a growing concern for all types of organizations in recent years. With several organizations already facing legal consequences and related fines, Business Journal of Central New York stated that ADA website regulations "has resulted in a drastic spike in lawsuits in what is arguably the fastest growing type of litigation." 

To comply with these accessibility requirements, SOS partnered with ACS for an ADA compliant medical website redesign. 

For years, ACS has established itself as the leading provider for ADA compliant website design. Our team of analysts, web designers and web developers understand the specific requirements for structuring a website to comply with accessibility regulations. There is a large list of technical requirements that must be satisfied for compliance. The ACS team understands these requirements, and how to fulfill them.

ACS also performs ADA testing prior to website launch to ensure compliance, and provide necessary documentation to prove due diligence to regulators. 

If your website isn't ADA compliant, it may be just a matter of time before facing costly lawsuits and fines. Grow your business with ACS, stay on the right side of the law and avoid the high cost of non-compliance.

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Medical Website Design and Development That Makes It Easy for Patients to Find What They Need

medical website design and development image of mega menu with list of links in columns

SOS offers access to a wide variety of medical services and medical specialists. Due to the large scope of the medical group's capabilities, the upgraded SOS website needed to make it easy for patients to find information about the medical care relevant to their personal health concerns. 

To make a large amount of options easy to sort through, ACS created a custom mega menu navigation. This mega menu navigation distinguishes services, specialties and information related to specific body part pain in distinct columns with links for individual pages within these columns. This makes it quick and easy for people to find what they need to make informed decisions about their personal healthcare.

When there's a lot to your business, ACS can make an otherwise overwhelming amount of options easy to sift through for potentials to find exactly what they're looking for.  

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Medical Website Design and Development with Interactive Body Pain Diagram

Often, people don't know the medical term for their health concerns but they know that something doesn't feel right. To help, SOS wanted to add a body pain diagram to their website. Current and potential patients can click on the body part that's bothering them, then read information about medical conditions and related symptoms.

This intuitive experience was made possible by the web developers and web designers at ACS. 


medical website design and development image of full body diagram with clickable body parts related to corresponding body pain information

Medical Website Design and Development That Makes Managing Multiple Websites Simple and Secure

medical website design and development image of specialists one day surgery center website with sods locations what to expect and accepted insurances website text

In addition to the primary website for Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists, SOS also has additional websites with distinct content for their Specialists' One-Day Surgery Center, Cartilage Center and Hip Today Home Tomorrow program. With each distinct website having their own unique audience with respective needs, the distinct websites needed to direct people to relevant information while preventing potential patients from getting lost in information from other SOS websites. 

ACS delivered a secure, easy to manage solution that fulfilled the organizational needs of SOS. With a centralized Content Management System (CMS) for all SOS websites, authorized site administrators can make edits to SOS' distinct websites without having to deal with multiple locations to login. 

The different websites each have their own navigation menus and global elements. This allows for the websites to be distinct and cater to the needs of each unique audience while maintaining cohesive branding. 

Medical Website Design and Development with Company Directory by Department

medical website design and development image of staff directory profiles with view all options for doctors physician assistants nurse practitioners and pedorthist

Putting a face to a name goes along way. A company directory can humanize an organization, making it easier for potentials to choose where to go for what they need. 

With various medical specialists and support staff, SOS needed a company directory for their medical website design and development project. ACS created an easy to use company directory, complete with individual staff photos, staff profiles and categorized directories. Whether a patient needs to find a certain type of doctor, physical therapist or other type of orthopedic medical professional, the SOS website makes it easy. 

In a world where first impressions of an organization are often built behind a screen, a company directory gives your organization a personal touch. 

When you need to add a company directory to your website...

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Medical Website Design and Development with an Office Locations Directory

When looking for medical care, location matters. Many people need a medical provider with an office that is within a comfortable driving distance. Understanding this, ACS created a custom directory for SOS office locations. 

The SOS location directory is more than a list of medical office addresses. If a patient is looking for a specific type of specialist, they can filter locations by that specific specialty. For example, if a patient needs to see a shoulder specialist, they can choose to see only SOS locations where shoulder doctors are available.

SOS visitors also have the option to view locations on a map. This allows people to get a better understanding of where SOS offices are in their area. 

If a patient finds an SOS office that seems suitable, they can click to learn more about the specific location from dedicated location pages. These location pages have clear links to get driving directions from Google Maps. The location pages also include hours of operation, the locations phone number and address as well as a list of medical specialists available at a specific location. 

Locations pages provide important information for potentials, allowing them to know where you're located so they can be confident in choosing your organization.

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medical website design and development image of office location index with options to sort as a list view on a map or sort locations by specialty

Medical Website Design and Development with Company News/Blog

The SOS website needed authorized site administrators to securely and easily add company news posts on a regular basis. The ACS Web Design and SEO team delivered a solution that makes company news or blog posts easy to add or edit. A publication date can easily be set for sorting, as well as assigning author names. SOS news is also prominently highlighted on the SOS homepage, automatically showcasing the 4 most recent news posts.

A separate news section was also created to highlight SOS community involvement. When SOS is involved in community events or partners with local organizations, this can be highlighted in a dedicated community involvement section. 

If your website needs a news or blog feature, ACS can make it secure and easy to publish these to your website. 

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medical website design and development image of company news headlines and related images

Medical Website Design and Development That Makes Organizational Goals a Focus

One goal for the SOS medical website redesign was to highlight SOS physical therapy. ACS achieved this goal, creating a dedicated Physical Therapy section within the website that's both prominently highlighted and includes a unique navigation menu. A distinct company directory was also created for the physical therapy department, including headings within the directory to clearly distinguish physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

Do you have a specific part of your organization that you're looking to grow? 

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medical website design and development image of physical therapist and patient

Secure Third Party Online Payment Integration

medical website design and development online payment image of person with credit card in hand on computer

The ability to make online payments is a convenience valued by both patients and organizations. The SOS website features a secure online payment center. The ACS team of web developers, web designers and usability experts successfully integrated a secure, third party online payment solution that's highly visible, making it quick and easy to make payments. 

If your website needs to securely process payments, ACS can make it happen.

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Patient Portal Integration

medical website design and development image of woman smiling while on laptop

The Affordable Care Act mandates that medical practices must have a patient portal. However, it's not just enough to have a patient portal; the law also requires that 5% of a medical practices' patients must use the patient portal. 

To fulfill these requirements, ACS integrated a secure patient portal for SOS, including highly visible placement. This makes the patient portal quick and easy to access. 

When you need secure integration for a regulation compliant patient portal...

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Medical Website Design and Development with an SEO Site Structure

Today, when people have a problem, Google is more often than not the first thing they turn to for answers. The same is true for medical care. Whether looking to understand the cause of symptoms or looking for a local doctor who can help, being among a potential patients' first choices can make the difference between a patient choosing one medical practice over another.

Understanding this, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals at ACS created an SEO site structure for SOS. Our team of analysts and copywriters leveraged their knowledge of Google's 200+ ranking factors to structure the SOS website in a way that empowers our client to achieve valuable, relevant 1st place and 1st page positions on search engines.

SEO Services

medical website design and development image of white collar professional in front of graphs and charts

Medical Website Design and Development with SEO Migration

Through years of SEO success in partnership with ACS, SOS achieved highly valuable positioning on search engines for relevant keywords prior to the launch of the upgraded SOS website. To prevent losing this valuable positioning, ACS completed an SEO migration as part of the SOS medical website design and development project.

Without a proper SEO migration, the excitement of launching a new website can quickly turn to frustration and disappointment. Failing to account for an SEO migration can result in a significant loss in online visibility, in turn causing major losses in business growth. 

The SOS website launched with a successful SEO migration, both maintaining and building upon existing, valuable positioning on search engines. 

If you need a website redesign, you need SEO migration.

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Medical Website Design and Development with a Custom, Responsive Web Design

Over 60% of all online activity now comes from mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. Additionally, Google has confirmed that mobile-friendly websites have an advantage in terms of positioning on their search engine. 

If an organization's website doesn't look and work equally well on all devices, this can push otherwise interested potentials to take their business elsewhere. When a website that isn't designed for mobile devices is accessed from a phone or tablet, text may be hard to read, the website may not look right and people may end up clicking on parts of the site that they didn't intend to. All of this can quickly create a frustrating and confusing experience for potentials. 

The SOS website is made with a custom, responsive website design. This means that the site looks great and works great on mobile devices just as well as it does on desktops or laptops. 

If your website isn't made with a responsive website design, you're likely losing otherwise interested potentials to your competitors. 

For a custom, responsive web design...

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Medical Website Design and Development Powered by The ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS)

The SOS website is powered by the ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS). The ACS Edge CMS makes it simple and secure for authorized site administrators to make website updates. From adding or removing text or images to creating blog posts, staff profiles or entirely new web pages, the ACS Edge CMS makes it all possible without having to know computer coding languages. 

If making updates to your website needs to be easier...

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