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Alexander & Catalano

The Project:

Alexander & Catalano is a personal injury law firm with offices across New York State. Considering that Alexander & Catalano have been the vanguard of legal marketing for over 20 years, the law firm chose to partner with ACS Web Design & SEO for a cutting edge website redesign. Additionally, Alexander & Catalano's new site required the ability to easily edit site content while providing necessary security for potential clients' contact form submissions. The site also needed to be optimized for lead generation, including integration of a lead chat system, advanced phone call tracking and more. Alexander & Catalano's new site also needed to maintain the business' high positioning on search engines for relevant keywords.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO delivered a mobile-friendly, responsive website design for the new Alexander & Catalano site. In addition, the new Alexander & Catalano site features the ACS Edge Content Management System (CMS), providing site administrators with the ability to intuitively and quickly add and edit site content. The custom ACS Edge CMS for also includes enhanced security technology to ensure confidentiality for potential clients' contact form submissions. Through collaboration between ACS, Inc. Web Design & SEO's staff of experienced internet marketing and web design professionals, the new Alexander & Catalano site features a lead generation-first web design that provides seamless integration of a lead chat system and advanced phone call tracking.

Responsive Website Design

Alexander & Catalano's new site was built using a responsive website design. This means that the site works equally well on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops.

With over 60% of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website is essential to prevent losing leads. When a website that doesn't utilize a mobile-friendly, responsive website design is accessed from a mobile device, slow load times and a difficult to interact with design interface are common problems. These usability issues can result in a frustrating user experience, which often results in lost leads, as people will go to a competitor's site that is easier to interact with.

In addition to losing leads that a business may otherwise gain when a site lacks a responsive website design, a responsive website design puts a business' website in a better position to generate more leads. Google has confirmed that 70% of all searches on their search engine come from mobile devices. Additionally, mobile-friendly sites rank higher on search results when a Google search is performed on a mobile device. Because of this, businesses that have a mobile-friendly website are easier to find online when someone is searching for their services compared to competitors without a responsive business website design. Lacking a responsive website design puts businesses at a competitive disadvantage, as competitors' whose websites do utilize a responsive website design will be found first.

All ACS Web Design & SEO websites are made using a responsive website design. To improve your online lead generation capabilities with a mobile-friendly website design, let's talk.

Responsive Legal Website Design

Lead Chat Integration

Alexander & Catalano's site features a live chat system specifically for capturing leads. ACS Web Design & SEO successfully integrated the live lead chat software on the new site.'s lead chat system is a service provided by ACS. The live chat software features human representatives who utilize a customized script with the singular goal of capturing lead information. On average, sites that utilize this live chat software experience a 32% increase in leads on their site.

Learn more about our lead chat services here.

Lead Generation Chat For Law Firms

Advanced Phone Call Tracking

Advanced phone call tracking is integrated sitewide on the new Alexander & Catalano website. The site features local phone numbers for each Alexander & Catalano office location, as well as 1-800 numbers. All local office numbers and 1-800 numbers utilize advanced phone call tracking, providing call tracking and recording that empowers Alexander & Catalano to review, monitor and continually improve their phone lead in take process.

Phone Call Lead tracking for Law Firm Marketing

Legal Marketing Audit

As part of the web development process for the new Alexander & Catalano website, ACS Web Design & SEO performed an exhaustive audit of Alexander & Catalano's existing online legal marketing. This audit included discovering all company social media profiles and all other forms of online references to the Alexander & Catalano brand.

Using the information gathered from this legal marketing audit, our team was able to sort and prioritize all materials. The result was a combination of resources in to one central website.

Legal Marketing Experts for the Web Illustration

SEO Migration

Alexander & Catalano holds top positioning on popular search engines for multiple keywords that are highly relevant to their legal services. ACS accounted for all existing assets to ensure Alexander & Catalano maintained its strong positioning on search engines. Through our team's search engine optimization (SEO) migration efforts, the new launched successfully with no drop in positioning on search engines as a result.

A website redesign can't be done just by making a new website. Precautions must be taken to prevent unintended consequences. If SEO migration actions aren't taken during the development process of a website redesign, a new website could result in a significant drop in terms of opportunity to acquire clients, which can have a significant negative impact on a business' sales.

ACS Web Design & SEO are experienced in performing website redesigns that maintain and build upon a site's existing positioning on search engines. Contact us for a qualified website redesign solution.

Legal SEO Experts in Syracuse New York - SERP results illustration

Legal Copywriting

ACS Web Design & SEO provided legal copywriting services for the new This included developing and integrating SEO content and landing pages for Alexander & Catalano's regions of service.

Our team includes staff with educational and professional legal backgrounds. This experience provides our team with an understanding of the need for nuanced language to comply with attorney advertising regulations, while maintaining the unique messaging and branding of our attorney and law firm clients. Additionally, ACS' legal copywriters are experienced in developing content for various practice areas, providing qualified legal copywriting services for any attorney or law firm regardless of their practice areas.

Our legal copywriters provided regulation compliant, SEO-friendly content for the new Alexander & Catalano website. Let's talk about how our copywriting services can improve your attorney or law firm website.

Legal Copywriting Marketing Experts

Market Analysis

Our team utilized Google data to establish the foundation of's information architecture. This thorough market analysis provided insights that resulted in a site structure that effectively highlights Alexander & Catalano's legal services and practice areas. This informed site structure benefits both site visitors and the site's ability to be found from search engines, positively impacting the site's ability to generate leads from potential clients who otherwise may not have considered Alexander & Catalano.

Legal Market research and search marketing diagram

Lead Generation

Alexander & Catalano's new website is optimized for lead generation, both from a web design perspective as well as in terms of integrated marketing. The site features a live lead chat system that features custom scripts and live representatives to capture potential clients' lead information. Additionally, the site's advanced phone call tracking provides seamless integration between Alexander & Catalano's online and phone sales process.

The new Alexander & Catalano website also utilizes SEO best practices to maximize the site's ability to generate leads from search engines.

Our SEO professionals have helped multiple law firms achieve top positioning on Google, providing significant opportunity to acquire clients. In addition, all web design projects are custom made to meet your business' unique site goals.

Learn more about how our Lead Generation services can help your business use the web to its full potential.

Lead Generation for Lawyers

Custom Content Management System

A custom version of The ACS Edge CMS provides Alexander & Catalano site administrators with enhanced control and security for The ACS Edge CMS allows site administrators of the new Alexander & Catalano website to quickly make site changes. In addition to greater control of site content, the ACS Edge CMS establishes a secure environment for potential client contact form submissions to be stored and reviewed by authorized Alexander & Catalano personnel.

To increase security and administrative control over your business' website with a custom content management system (CMS), contact us.

Legal Web Design CMS