Leadgen Website Design

Zerodraft (2014)

The Project:

Zerodraft is a home energy improvement company with three locations across New York State. Zerodraft does work for residential and commercial buildings. Because of this, Zerodraft’s site needed separate messaging for their residential and commercial services. In addition to one site appealing to two markets, Zerodraft needed web pages for organizations whose members could receive member-only benefits. Zerodraft also needed to be able to easily update their site’s content and promotions.

The Solution:

The Zerodraft website features a section for residential clients and another section for commercial clients. The residential and commercial sections include products, services and marketing that’s unique for each sections’ audience. ACS Web Design & SEO also built web pages for each organization that Zerodraft offers member-only benefits to, including a unique form that’s pivotal to the process of receiving membership benefits. Zerodraft’s site was built with a custom content management system (CMS), allowing Zerodraft to seamlessly update their content and promotions.

Responsive Website Design

Zerodraft’s site was made with a responsive website design, meaning the site works and looks equally well on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Often, your website is someone’s first impression of your business. According to a study by Google, 48% of people think a company doesn’t care about their business if the company’s site doesn’t work well on a mobile device.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re giving a bad first impression to potential customers or clients. Contact us for a responsive evaluation.

Landing Page Development

Zerodraft offers special incentives to various organizations and their members. To claim these incentives, organization members can visit an organization-specific Zerodraft web page and complete an online form for a free energy evaluation to take the first step in receiving their member-only benefits.

In addition to ACS Web Design & SEO developing these pages with individualized incentives, Zerodraft can easily add and edit these organization-specific pages with a user-friendly CMS. The CMS allows Zerodraft to add incentives and add and edit page content. The incentives are paired with icons, which can be quickly and easily selected from an extensive, pre-built icon library.

If there’s something you offer that needs highlighting through a dedicated web page, contact us today.