Best Website Design Upgrade

Oswego County Mutual Insurance Company (2014)

The Project:

Oswego County Mutual Insurance Company (OCMIC) is a past ACS Web Design & SEO client. OCMIC was happy with their ACS Web Design & SEO website that was completed in 2012, but the site needed an update to satisfy the growing number of people who browse the web on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

The Solution:

We were able to provide OCMIC with a website redesign that maintained the look and feel that OCMIC was satisfied with, while making the website work equally well on all internet browsers and on all devices. The OCMIC redesign made the site look and function superbly on mobile devices, while leaving unchanged the satisfactory desktop version of the site.

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Responsive Website Design

OCMIC’s site redesign utilized a responsive design. A responsive website design makes websites work equally well no matter what device the site is accessed from. Web browsing on mobile devices is growing, and in 2014, total mobile internet use has surpassed desktop and laptop internet use. OCMIC’s new, responsive website meets today’s web users’ expectations.

New Look : Proven Framework

With over 14 years experience, ACS Web Design & SEO’s design and development experts are able to modernize your website while maintaining your site’s look and feel. OCMIC’s website was user friendly and aesthetically inviting, but didn’t meet the growing mobile-friendly need. ACS Web Design & SEO successfully redesigned OCMIC’s website to satisfy consumer expectations, and can do the same for your website at a fraction of the cost of a full website rebuild. Let us know if you’re interested in our affordable website redesign services.