Financial Services Web Design

OMC Financial Services

The Project:

OMC Financial Services began its relationship with ACS Web Design & SEO as a marketing client. However, their existing website had a design that was made to be mobile-friendly, but was broken. To make ACS' marketing efforts achieve full potential, a new site design was necessary. The new site also needed more information about our client’s services.

The Solution:

ACS Web Design & SEO redesigned, featuring a fully functioning responsive website design, making the site look and work great on phones, tablets and computers. The new site also features professionally developed content written by ACS' SEO copywriters.

Responsive Website Design

Beginning April 21, mobile-friendly websites will be more likely to earn high rankings on Google mobile search. Industry research predicts that by 2016, mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more searches than desktop search. The number of people searching for information online through mobile devices is rapidly growing. Of those who are looking for information on a phone or tablet, these people are more likely to choose one company over another if that company has a mobile-friendly website, as conversion rates are higher for mobile-friendly websites, according to industry research.

OMC Financial Services new website looks and works equally great on phones, tablets and desktops. Let's talk about how our custom responsive design solutions can help you stop losing leads.

financial services web design image of responsive web design on multiple devices for omc

Easy Company Blog Management

OMC Financial Services site includes a company blog. To make it easy for OMC Financial Services to maintain their company blog, features a secure, custom content management system (CMS), allowing OMC Financial Service staff to quickly and easily add and edit blog posts.

All ACS custom CMS solutions are developed in a way that makes updating company blogs easy and efficient without needing any knowledge of programming languages or other specialized skills. Contact us to get control of your site’s blog.

financial services web design image of omc blog

SEO Copywriting

In depth, informative content is the best way to improve your site’s positioning on search engines. For OMC Financial Services, our copywriters created content that detailed their specialized services. Our copywriters’ experience in developing informative, accurate content for the financial service industries ensured site content appealed to both potential clients and search engine robots.

financial services web design image of estate planning page on omc financial services website design

A Regulation-Compliant Solution

Businesses often have to comply with industry-specific regulations, including integrating disclaimers to certain sections of their website and using specific language. Utilizing our experience from developing other financial industry websites, we were able to provide a solution that satisfied OMC Financial Services’ expectations and industry regulations.

Is your business in a complex, heavily regulated industry? Contact us for compliant web solutions.

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